Oregon Attorney General Sues Counties for Their Passage of Second Amendment Sanctuaries

Oregon is generally viewed as one of the bluest states in the nation. One should look no further than to its gun laws to understand why.

For example, earlier in 2021 the Oregon state government passed a mandatory gun storage law. The law was met with considerable opposition from two counties (Yamhill and Harney) that passed two nullification ordinances that gave the counties the power to not enforce the state law.  

Cam Edwards of Bearing Arms observed that “the measures go so far as to allow for civil lawsuits against individual officers and deputies who attempt to enforce the law.” 

Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum is currently suing the county commissioners of Yamhill and Harney counties. Rosenblum is turning to Oregon’s firearm preemption law as the  justification for her lawsuit. 

“Gun safety laws exist to help keep guns out of dangerous hands and keep people safe. A county commission simply doesn’t get to override state law in this way,” Rosenblum declared in a written statement. “The laws of Oregon remain fully in force – and fully enforceable – notwithstanding these invalid ordinances. No officials should be frightened out of properly doing their job by the threat of illegitimate criminal charges or bogus lawsuits.”

Leftist state governments hate any form of resistance that comes from below. Gun owners will have to make the necessary preparations to fight back against state governments who do not approve of their nullification efforts. That’s where we’re at in the hyper-polarized USA.

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