Oregon County Enforces Segregation During Pandemic, Designates Special ‘Grounding Space’ for Minorities to Escape ‘Whiteness’

An Oregon county near Portland is creating a special “grounding space” in public where minorities can spend time in an area that is “not dominated by whiteness.”

Although this policy is blatantly racist and creating de facto segregation, Multnomah County maintains they are acting within the bounds of the law with their new policy because it is not exclusionary.

“Multnomah County is acting lawfully,” Julie Sullivan-Springhetti, Multnomah County communications director, told Just the News in a statement. “The space excludes no one. It is based on shared lived experience not identity. The same way our employee resource groups for veterans, parents, and people with a disability are based on life experience and not identity. All are welcome here.”

The language is from a “situation report” issued on April 15 and reads as follows: “Emergency Operations Center Equity Officer is hosting a grounding space for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) employees to share, heal, connect, and get grounded in a space that is not dominated by whiteness.”

Multnomah County is claiming that their policy is not a violation of anti-discrimination laws because white people are technically allowed in these spaces, even though whiteness is clearly stigmatized by the order. An order that encouraged white people to gather in spaces not dominated by blackness would be widely denigrated as racist with anyone supporting the idea having their professional lives destroyed as a result. When the shoe is on the other foot, it is considered appropriate. This shows how far the Cultural Marxist normalization of anti-white bigotry has progressed into the mainstream.

Conservative observers are not accepting the rationale laid down by Multnomah County and sees this as another divisive maneuver by the Left during a pandemic that has put a premium on societal unity.

“Identity politics long ago jumped from the university into the world at large, above all, into highly receptive government agencies and social service groups,” said Heather Mac Donald, an attorney with the Manhattan Institute for Policy Research.

“It is of course outrageous that any alleged public health or service organization would spend any energy on reinforcing racial victimology and racial discrimination during this time of allegedly overburdened public health systems. But race hatred has been so baked into many government agencies by now that it is par for the course,” she added.

“If what has been reported in Portland is true, that people are being identified and classified based on racial or ethnic characteristics, it continues a disturbing trend that we‘ve seen for the past several years, where public and private institutions are seemingly self-segregating in a time when we just had the first African-American president for eight years,” said Ron Christie, a former George W. Bush administration senior staffer who is African-American himself, in an interview.

“If Brown v. Board of Education was truly a landmark Supreme Court case that overturned the notion of separate but equal, and [ruled] that we are all equal, we’re all Americans, we’re all afforded the same privileges and protections under the Constitution, it fits a disturbing pattern of late that people are ignoring the historical progress [achieved]” Christie added, “and instead are seeking to resegregate, but in this notion, it’s people of color who are seeking to do this, which is unconscionable.”

Leftists have not put their anti-white hate agenda on hold for a second due to the coronavirus pandemic. America can never be united as one nation with these enemy combatants running around.

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