Oregon Enacts New Ban On Tents But Doesn’t Enforce It: ‘They’re Gonna Have To Make Me Move’

The West Coast is in shambles. And we’re way past the point of people noticing it. 

Now, it’s time to see if anyone is willing to do something about the growing problems. Whether that be rising crime, drug usage, or the homelessness epidemic. 

Portland, Oregon, in an attempt to stop daytime camping in public, has instituted a new ban on tents that no one seems to be enforcing.

The city council passed the ordinance with a 3-1 vote last month, and the new ban went into effect last week. 

However, as people have noticed and documented online, nothing appears to be changing, because people are still camping outside during daytime hours. 

On top of that, the Oregon homeless population is angry, saying that they weren’t even aware of this new ban taking effect. Nor were they informed. 

Most interviewed by Fox News shared that they have no intentions of moving.

According to local media, starting Friday, people are no longer allowed to camp on city property from 8AM to 8PM.

“The city says for those who don’t follow the rules, they will be given several warnings and referrals to services, and then after police have made contact with someone three times, and if things still don’t change, they could then face a $100 fine or 30 days in jail,” the outlet shared.

One homeless person named Michael called the new ban “bulls**t.” 

“I’m tired of moving. They’re gonna have to make me move,” he told Fox News.

Fox News even spoke with a man who was recently in prison for stabbing another person. He told the outlet that he hopes homeless folks refuse to let authorities enforce the ban.

“[Some homeless people] can’t comprehend what’s really going on out here,” another homeless person named Lori said. 

“They’re not gonna get up and move if they don’t know how to get up and move,” she added.

Per Mayor Ted Wheeler’s office, the city is planning for a “summer of education,” which will include the so-called formal announcement detailing exactly when enforcement begins.

Why and how law-abiding taxpayers in Portland continue to put up with this nonsense is hard to fathom. 

The city clearly has no intentions of doing anything to curb the growing homeless problem. And good Samaritans are expected to just put up with the never-ending cycle of empty calls to action from do-nothing-politicians.

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