Oregon Guns Rights Proponent Pushes for Firearm Education in the Schools

Derek LeBlanc, the founder and president of Kids S.A.F.E. Foundation, recently pushed for legislation that would allow for public schools in Oregon to teach firearm safety to first graders. State Representative Virgle Osborne sponsored House Bill 3118

Kids S.A.F.E. Foundation is an organization that has the aim of teaching children what to do if they find a firearm. In addition, the organization focuses on teaching older children marksmanship and firearm safety. 

John Petrolino of Bearing Arms noted that LeBlanc pushed for a similar bill that received bipartisan support but ultimately died in committee. LeBlanc is still working with contacts at the State House and is using Osborne as his point man for the legislation.  

The text of HB 3118 reads as follow:

Be It Enacted by the People of the State of Oregon:

SECTION  1. (1) Each school district and public charter school may provide a firearm safety and accident prevention class to students in the first grade. The class may be offered each  school  term  of  the  school  year  for  a  total  of  at  least  30  minutes.

(2)  The  class  must  be  taught  by  a  school  resource  officer,  a  law  enforcement  officer, a first responder or a person certified by a national firearms organization on the safe and proper use of firearms.

(3)  The  curriculum  of  the  class  must  include:

(a) The proper steps a student should take upon encountering an unsecured firearm;

(b) The differences between video game violence and real-life violence; and

(c) The dangers of confusing toy guns and real guns.

(4)  The  class must be nonpolitical and may not encourage or discourage possession or ownership of firearms.

(5) At no time may any real firearms or live ammunition be used or possessed during the Class.

Several provisions in the bill mandate parents to receive notifications at least seven days before any classes take place. Parents are given the ability to pull their children out of these classes as they see fit. 

.Firearm safety should not be a partisan issue. Firearms are a part of everyday life in the US, which necessitates some degree of education among the American public on how to handle these tools. However, a growing anti-gun culture and the rise of Gun Control Inc. has made otherwise commonsense measures become taboo in state legislatures. 

If we’re being honest, passing such a measure in Oregon will be a tall task. Oregon is already an anti-gun state as evidenced by its 36th place ranking according to Guns & Ammo magazine’s latest rankings for best states for gun owners. Plus, the state government boasts a Democratic trifecta, where Democrats hold 35-25  and 17-12 majorities in State House and State Senate, respectively.

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