Oregon Judge Grants Injunction Against State’s Unconstitutional High-Capacity Magazine Ban 

Oregon gun owners were handed a victory this week when a judge in the Oregon State Court granted Gun Owners of America a Preliminary Injunction in the case of Arnold & GOA v. Brown. 

According to a report by Gun Owners of America, the injunction temporarily stops enforcement of the magazine ban in Oregon that came about thanks to the approval of Ballot Measure 114 (BM 114). 

The judge also kept the Temporary Restraining Order on BM 114’s permit-to-purchase mandate. 

On a previous occasion, December 6 specifically, GOA received a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) against BM 114. This Comprehensive TRO keeps this recently passed law from being enforced before it could have gone into effect on December 8.

BM 114 was passed by a margin of 50.65% to 49.35%. The ballot measure was  funded by out-of-state anti-Second Amendment lobbying organizations such as Everytown and Giffords.

GOA noted that had BM 114 gone into effect, it would have:

  • Banned Magazines over ten rounds
  • Required a permit to purchase any firearm
  • Required a training course, application fee, fingerprinting and a duplicative background check to obtain a permit-to-purchase.

Erich Pratt, GOA’s Senior Vice President, made the following statement:

“GOA and GOF are very glad that Judge Robert Raschio responded to our arguments and is protecting the Second Amendment rights of Oregonians. We will continue to oppose the ineffective magazine ban and permit-to-purchase scheme, as these infringements would fail to control criminals, but instead, would endanger the safety of law-abiding citizens.”

Oregon gun owners can relax a bit for now. They live in one of the most anti-gun states in the Union. According to Guns & Ammo magazine Best States for Gun Owners rankings, Oregon is ranked in 32nd place. At this juncture, Oregon Second Amendment advocates will have to rely on lawfare, nullification at the county level, and even leaving the state for more pro-gun states. There aren’t options left for gun owners living in blue states so they will have to adjust accordingly to the new realities of America’s polarized politics.

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