Oregon Planning on Racial Discrimination in Distribution of Coronavirus Vaccine

The State of Oregon is set to enact racially discriminatory guidelines in the distribution of the coronavirus vaccine, with residents who are members of racial and ethnic minority groups being given access to the coronavirus vaccine before white people.

Oregon is set to begin vaccination for a category of people it designates as “1b” for vaccine eligibility.

Elderly Oregonians will be prioritized in the first stages of the 1b vaccine rollout, expanding from those over age 80 gradually to those over 65. The next stage of the 1b vaccination plan is currently being decided.

Deliberations for the next eligible demographic for the vaccine are reportedly prioritizing the following target for the vaccine.

people in communities of color, specifically those most impacted by the pandemic: Black, African-American, Hispanic/Latino/Latinx, indigenous peoples, tribal and urban-based native communities, and Pacific Islanders.

Refugees and incarcerated people will also be a priority target to receive the vaccine during phase 1b of distribution.

Coronavirus has disproportionately affected the black community throughout the country, but it’s unclear if other identity groups have been impacted more severely than white Americans, who skew older than other demographic groups in American society.

This target demographic tacitly includes nearly everyone but white Americans, with the “communities of color” demographic including everyone but them.

Oregon’s plan to discriminate hasn’t been set into legal stone yet, but the state would likely face 14th Amendment challenges for attempting to enshrine racial preferences in the distribution of the vaccine.

The vaccine- developed in record time by President Donald Trump’s administration- is not a hoax or a malicious plot. Maybe if it were, elitist liberals wouldn’t be seeking to reserve it for the demographics of Americans they prefer. It’s of vital importance to deterring the casualties of the pandemic and charting the path beyond the pandemic, and a serious society would distribute it to all without consideration towards race as a defining factor of eligibility.

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