Oregon State Police Will Leave Portland After Left Wing Prosecutor Announces Qualified Immunity for ANTIFA Mob

Security officials form a line across a street in Portland, Oregon early July 26, 2020, as protests continue across the United States following the death in Minneapolis of unarmed African-American George Floyd. – Police and federal agents fired tear gas and forcefully dispersed protesters in the US city of Portland, amid President Donald Trump’s heavily-criticized “surge” of security forces to major cities. The city, the biggest in the state of Oregon, has seen nightly protests against racism and police brutality for nearly two months, initially sparked by the death of unarmed African American George Floyd at the hands of police in Minnesota (Photo by Ankur Dholakia / AFP) (Photo by ANKUR DHOLAKIA/AFP via Getty Images)

The Oregon State Police is ending a deployment of law enforcement officers to the city of Portland, citing Multnomah County District Attorney Mike Schmidt’s announcement that his office would not prosecute the majority of leftist demonstrators arrested for riot crimes.

The State Police documented evidence of violent attacks on their personnel from ANTIFA-affiliated street mobs, recounting that one state officer had been given a concussion by a rioter that was throwing stones.

The withdrawal of the state law enforcement agency leaves the Portland Police as the primary agency tasked with securing the public as rioters continue to carry out property and violent crimes. The city-controlled police department is possibly the least equipped to deter and contain riots, with neoliberal mayor Ted Wheeler serving as the agency’s de facto police chief.

ANTIFA rioters resurfaced at the federal Courthouse on Thursday. The City of Portland has pledged to fulfill its responsibility to protect the federal facility from criminals, after pawning off the job to federal law enforcement for weeks on end. The Oregon State Police had stepped in to perform the duties of the federal cops, who had become a target for violent ANTIFA rioters seeking a fight.

It appears as if the federal deployment of officers to the courthouse may resume, with the Portland Police resuming their tried ‘stand down’ tactics.

This is anarcho-tyranny.

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