ORWELLIAN: CDC Quietly Lowers Early Childhood Speech Standards

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention quietly changed their standards for early childhood development, The Post Millenial reported. This news comes as more and more people are waking up to the extreme harm forcing masks on children can cause, with issues ranging from hampering speech development to subjecting the wearer to various harmful bacteria.

Earlier this month, the CDC announced that new ages were added to its checklist on important milestones of childhood development. These new ages were 15 and 30 months.

An banner at the top of the page explains that those interested in learning more about these updates to development milestones can view a Pediatrics article detailing the change.

CDC’s milestones and parent tips have been updated and new checklist ages have been added (15 and 30 months). Due to COVID-19, updated photos and videos have been delayed but will be added back to this page in the future. For more information about the recent updates to CDC’s developmental milestones, please view the Pediatrics journal articleexternal icon describing the updates.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

One author in this study, Jennifer M. Zubler, said that the changes were to the guidlines in order to ensure that it reflects milestones that at least 75 percent of children in America can reach. Since children are no longer able reach these previously attainable milestones, presumably due to record slow levels of childhood development, they have been lowered.

In other words, American children, both in the present and future, are now normally expected to develop at least a half year more slowly as compared to before.

The abstract states: “Application of the criteria established by the AAP working group and adding milestones for the 15- and 30-month health supervision visits resulted in a 26.4 percent reduction and 40.9 percent replacement of previous CDC milestones. One third of the retained milestones were transferred to different ages; 67.7 percent of those transferred were moved to older ages.”

Milestone guidlines by the CDC in the past said that a child should be able to speak at least 50 words by 24 months, or two years of age. They since have pushed this back by another half to a new expected age of 30 months.

Big League Politics has previously highlighted seemingly Orwellian changes in processes by the CDC, including their decision to change the meaning of “vaccination” to no longer include “immunity” & a subsequent FOIA request which revealed leaked emails of CDC staffers plotting to alter the definition in order to stop “right-wing Covid-19 deniers” from using the organization’s own words against it.

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