ORWELLIAN HELL: Only the Vaxxed Get Rescued From Caribbean Island After Deadly Volcanic Eruption

After a once-in-a-generation volcanic eruption occurred on a Caribbean island, the vaccinated were saved and ferried off the island while the non-vaccinated were not so lucky.

CBS News made the announcement in rather cavalier fashion during a recent segment:

Ralph Gonsalves, the prime minister of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, explained to NBC Radio St Vincent and the Grenadines why the non-vaxxed are being discriminated against by neighboring islands – in a glimpse of the future that is soon to come with vaccine passports

The private sector is stepping in and helping people without strict vaccine mandates. Carnival sent two of their ships, Carnival Legend and the Carnival Paradise, to rescue islanders in danger from the volcano. The Royal Caribbean sent their Serenade of the Seas and Celebrity Cruises sent their Celebrity Reflection to assist individuals as well.

The volcano, La Soufriere, erupted in St. Vincent for the first time since 1979, and experts are warning that the damage could worsen in the days and weeks to come.

“We can’t be sure that because there’s been one explosion, that this is it,” said Jenni Barclay, a volcanologist with the University of East Anglia, to National Geographic. “Many volcanic eruptions continue over weeks or even months, and they have different phases of activity associated with them.”

Big League Politics has reported on the cruelty that governments have inflicted on their own citizens using COVID-19 as a convenient excuse, which has resulted in a substantial public backlash:

Large protests occurred in European cities on Saturday, with citizens tired of endless COVID-19 restriction measures scuffling with police determined to forcefully break up any protest gathering against COVID restriction policies.

As many as 20,000 people demonstrated against lockdowns in Kassel, Germany, in what may be the largest anti-lockdown protest to occur in Europe, if not the entire world...

German police used water cannons and pepper spray in prolific fashion to break up the protest, refusing to recognize the right to free assembly…

Germany’s COVID protests were among the strongest, with demonstrators scrapping with police in Dresden and Stuttgart as well…

A similarly strong protest also occurred in London, with the demonstrations occurring across the continent. Protests in Zagreb, Croatia and Switzerland were particularly strong…

London demonstrators chanted “Freedom” as they walked through the streets, appearing without masks in a rejection of the globalist vision of “Hospital Society” advanced by Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci.”

What happened in St. Vincent is a glimpse into the Orwellian technocracy of our future. If you do not comply with vaccination, the injection, the microchip, and so on, you and your family will be treated as second class citizens, or worse. This is the Beast System that will reign supreme if globalism is not destroyed.

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