ORWELLIAN: Soros-Funded Wikipedia Describes Glenn Greenwald as ‘Far-Right’ Journalist

Renegade left-wing journalist Glenn Greenwald is being described as “far-right” by the Soros-funded disinformation platform, Wikipedia.

After public scrutiny, Wikipedia was pressured into changing their description of Greenwald but the Orwellian smear by Wikipedia’s far-left editors was captured and posted on social media:

Greenwald has enraged psychotic, totalitarian liberals for years after he refused to parrot obvious Russia-gate lies concocted by deep state spooks. In recent years, Greenwald has appeared frequently on Fox News because MSNBC and CNN will no longer allow him on air. This is the “evidence” that he is a “far-right” journalist in the sick deranged minds of the modern Left.

Big League Politics has reported on how a Wikipedia co-founder is blowing the whistle on how the platform has been co-opted from a revolutionary source of information into a far-left thought control device:

During the first few years following its inception, Wikipedia was lauded by many netizens as a platform that greatly concentrated general knowledge and made it accessible to anyone with an internet connection. However, the objectivity of the site once assumed to be untouchable, has been called into question with increasing frequency as of late. Perhaps the most symbolic example of this decline in intellectual trust would be the recent remarks of one of Wikipedia’s own co-founders, Larry Sanger, who now believes that the site has gone from being a fountain of reliably objective and value-neutral information to “leftist propaganda.”

According to The Epoch Times, Sanger lamented to EpochTV’s “American Thought Leaders” that Wikipedia, turning 20 this year, had originally started on the basis of objective informational dissemination, but had started its leftist slant gradually around five years after inception and continues to lean more and more in the direction of “the news media” narrative rather than a non-partisan factual repository.

“Wikipedia made a real effort at neutrality for, I would say, its first five years or so,” said Sanger. “And then … it began a long, slow slide into what I would call leftist propaganda.”

One of Wikipedia’s defining characteristics is that it democratizes not just the dissemination of knowledge and who has access to it, but also in terms of the people who provide the information seen on the site. In fact, Wikipedia has over 125,000 active registered users who have made edits to a page in some form in the last 30 days, with over a thousand administrators who are tasked with restricting edits to a page when needed, blocking belligerent accounts, and much more.

In Sanger’s judgement, the past five years have seen a very noticeable increase in the rate at which Wikipedia has been changing from an objective site that everyone can trust to a biased outlet that is to be seen with suspicion like most others.

Greenwald deserves plaudits for having the courage to stand up for his journalistic integrity against the left-wing mob. He is also showing that the Left’s ability to cancel talented people with courage can only go so far.

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