ORWELLIAN: YouTube BANS RSBN Before Trump Rally


Big tech is at it again! Google-owned YouTube has issued yet another politically motivated suspension, issuing a ban on uploading videos of at least one week to well-known conservative outlet Right Side Broadcasting Network just days before their planned coverage of an upcoming rally by former President Donald Trump in Georgia.

“Conveniently timed just days before President Donald Trump’s rally in Georgia, YouTube has issued a strike on RSBN’s channel,” wrote RSBN Editor-in-Chief Grace Saldana.

“On Tuesday afternoon, we were notified that our abilities to livestream and upload content have been suspended for one week after YouTube deleted two of our videos that allegedly violated their company policies,” she continued.

“Blatant Big Tech censorship will not deter RSBN from continuing to livestream President Trump’s upcoming rally in Commerce, Georgia,” Saldana said, before adding that the company is prepared to now cover the event via Rumble, a popular competitor to YouTube. “We will not allow the voice of President Trump and his supporters to be silence,” she concluded.

Big League Politics has covered numerous instances of YouTube engaging in blatantly political censorship against those they do not like. It was just earlier this month when the Google-owned platform banned a special from the popular podcast Full Send featuring former President Donald Trump. The episode featured the Nelk Boys interviewing the former president about a wide variety of topics, including perhaps most ironically censorship. Trump predicted the ban on air, saying to Kyle and the Nelk Boys, “if you put up this whole interview, let’s see what happens when Instagram and Facebook and Twitter and all of them take it down.”

“Whatever happened to free speech in our Country?” Trump said shortly after the episode was banned. “Incredibly, but not surprisingly, the Big Tech lunatics have taken down my interview with the very popular NELK Boys so that nobody can watch it or in any way listen to it.”

YouTube’s CEO has also openly advocated for governments to pass laws controlling online speech, which we covered here.

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