Ottawa City Official Targets Canadian Trucker Convoy in Court, Demanding Million-Dollar Ransom

A city councillor in Ottawa is targeting the pro-freedom Canadian trucker convoy in court, demanding to forcibly seize the nearly $10 million raised through voluntary donations for the movement as a ransom of sorts.

“This morning, I have asked the city manager and city solicitor to immediately launch court proceedings targeting the millions of dollars in funds frozen by GoFundMe so Ottawa taxpayers are not left holding the bag for these protests,” Ottawa city councillor Mathieu Fleury wrote in a since-deleted tweet.

As of Monday, the trucker convoy has raised $9.2 million from supporters throughout the world who stand in solidarity with their protest against psychotic and Orwellian COVID-19 restrictions.

Fleury’s tweet can be seen here:

There are reportedly over 120,000 truckers currently occupying Ottawa in a powerful demonstration of resistance against tyranny:

Big League Politics has reported on the rise of the freedom convoy, which has captivated in the entire world:

The Freedom Trucker convoy has descended upon the Canadian capital city of Ottawa, where leftist Justin Trudeau is cloistered in his house self-isolating for supposed Coronavirus exposure even though Trudeau tested negative on a Coronavirus test. The Freedom Convoy — determined to stop Trudeau’s vaccination mandate for truckers hauling goods into the United States — has parked outside Parliament Hill in Ottawa, and the Freedom truckers are not going anywhere. The truckers are determined to hold their ground until Canada changes its tyrannical policy. On Saturday, more truckers are arriving in Ottawa as patriots plan worldwide defiance of Coronavirus tyranny.

The Amish are joining the convoy in their buggies, showing support. The Amish have a strong record of standing with patriotic values. Amish patriots in Pennsylvania rallied behind President Donald Trump on election day in 2020, traveling to the polls to cast their votes for the Republican candidate while touting Trump flags. Clearly, the Amish have the backs of freedom lovers wherever freedom is fighting to be heard. Here is a photo that @BeachMilk posted on Gab. @BeachMilk stated, “Amish people in St Jacobs Canada, join the Canadian truckers convoy! I don‘t know about you, but I find this photo incredibly touching.”

The Freedom Trucker movement has now reportedly spread to Brazil, illustrating the power of this worldwide phenomenon.

The images of the Canadian Truckers and their supporters are mesmerizing and inspirational, even if the media seems determined to stifle the truckers’ staggering momentum.”

The Canadian government is struggling against this popular resistance movement, and their opposition to the truckers only exposes them further as tyrants at war with the rights of the people.

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