OUCH: Glenn Greenwald Calls CNN’s Latest Hire a ‘Deranged Conspiracy Theorist and Scandal-Plagued CIA Propagandist’

Left-wing journalist Glenn Greenwald is once again blasting his former journalistic colleagues from his Substack account, this time calling out the fake news leader with his brand of fierce polemics.

Greenwald is focusing his angst on reporter Natasha Bertrand, who recently left Politico to join CNN. He puts Bertrand in the same category as NBC national security correspondent Ken Dilanian and Jeffrey Goldberg of The Atlantic, two reporters who received promotions after perpetuating blatant falsehoods to the masses.

According to Greenwald’s analysis, Bertrand will join CNN’s “stable of former CIA operatives, NSA spies, Pentagon Generals and FBI agents,” serving as “a reporter who has done as much as anyone, if not more so, to advance the scripts of those agencies.” He makes note of Bertrand’s special willingness to spread ridiculous falsehoods, even by typical Russia-gate conspiracist standards, in order to advance her career.

“There was no conspiracy theory too unhinged or evidence-free for her to promote,” Greenwald noted. “As The Washington Post‘s media reporter Erik Wemple documented once the Steele Dossier was debunked, there was arguably nobody in media other than Rachel Maddow who promoted and ratified that hoax as aggressively, uncritically and persistently as Bertrand. She defended it even after the Mueller Report corroborated virtually none of its key claims.” 

Greenwald also pointed out that Bertrand is just as poor of a reporter on every other issue as she has been on the nonexistent Trump-Russia conspiracy. She routinely gets everything completely wrong, and then is promoted and considered sacrosanct by the corporate media as a result of her ineptitude.

“Last October, she published an article in Politico strongly implying that Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe was speaking without authorization or any evidence when he said Iran was attempting to undermine President Trump’s 2020 presidential campaign. But last month, the Biden administration declassified an intelligence report which said they had “high confidence” that Iran had done exactly what Ratcliffe alleged: namely, run an influence campaign to hurt Trump’s candidacy. A former national security official, Cliff Sims, said upon hearing of CNN’s hiring that he explicitly warned Bertrand’s editors that the story was false but they chose to publish it anyway,” Greenwald wrote, detailing Bertrand’s incompetence and recklessness.

“It was also Bertrand who most effectively laundered the extremely significant CIA lie in October, 2020 that the documents obtained by The New York Post about the Biden family’s business dealings in China and Ukraine were “Russian disinformation.” Even though the John-Brennan-led former intelligence officials admitted from the start that they had no evidence for this claim, Bertrand not only amplified it but vouched for its credibility by writing that the Post‘s reporting “has drawn comparisons to 2016, when Russian hackers dumped troves of emails from Democrats onto the internet — producing few damaging revelations but fueling accusations of corruption by Trump” (that those 2016 DNC and Podesta documents produced “few damaging revelations” would come as a big surprise to the five DNC operatives, led by Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, who were forced to resign when their pro-Hillary cheating was revealed),” he added.

In predictably pathetic fashion, Greenwald is getting painted as a misogynist for pointing out the woeful record of Bertrand’s reporting.

Greenwald did not hesitate to clap back by noting how sexist the notion is that professional female journalists are too fragile to withstand criticism and too weak to endure basic quality standards:

Ever since officially departing from the liberal media a decade ago, Greenwald has produced some of his best work, evidenced here in cutting down journalists who have sold their souls.

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