OUCH: Marjorie Taylor Greene is Roasted by Conservatives on Twitter Over Nonstop Shilling for Kevin McCarthy

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) is getting lambasted for shilling on behalf of RINO Kevin McCarthy, who has been rejected in six different votes by Republican Congressmen in his bid for House speaker.

She appeared on “War Room” with Steve Bannon to defend her diehard support for McCarthy.

“If anyone thinks that this is the hill to die on, they are absolutely wrong,” she said.

In one of Greene’s unhinged pro-McCarthy posts on Twitter, she said: “We are on day 2 and the same Never Kevin group is now on their 3rd Speaker candidate.”

“People are truly beginning to realize they have no plan, and they are sick and tired of ‘trust the plan’ that’s a complete secret and never produces results,” Greene added.

This post earned Greene quite a bit of enmity from her supporters.

Big League Politics has reported on MTG throwing her Freedom Caucus colleagues under the bus because of their refusal to support RINO McCarthy for speaker:

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) is up in arms about her colleagues in the House Freedom Caucus opposing RINO Kevin McCarthy’s bid for House Speaker.

Greene is angry because of House Freedom Caucus members attempting to negotiate more conservatives in key leadership positions in the new GOP-run Congress. She feels left out and claims she has not done anything similar despite her constant shilling for McCarthy.

MTG may have thought she was really clever cutting a deal with the RINO McCarthy, but her scheming has backfired. Now, she is on an island and being upstaged by her more principled counterparts. MTG may never recover her lost credibility from this massive blunder.

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