OUCH: Populist-For-Pay Ryan Girdusky is Humiliated on Twitter for Opposing Kari Lake

Ryan Girdusky, 1776 Project PAC founder and proud LGBT Republican, is getting trashed on social media because of his opinions criticizing Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake for being too hardcore and pro-MAGA.

Girdusky said that Lake needed to rein in her populism after winning her primary in heroic fashion last week. He pointed to criticism from former RINO Arizona Governor Jan Brewer as evidence backing up his assertion while insinuating Lake’s pro-Trump supporters are rubes:

The American Conservative writer Collin Pruett brought up Brewer’s terrible record as governor while she led John McCain’s Arizona GOP:

Girdusky responded with an insult and a weak deflection:

Turning Point PAC leader Tyler Bowyer also slammed Girdusky for his ignorant remarks:

Bowyer embarrassed the arrogant faux-populist once again during a brief exchange:

Claremont Institute Lincoln Fellow Matthew Tyrmand then kicked Girdusky while he was down:

Girdusky is part of a movement, dubbed “Populist Inc,” filled with scammers and opportunists looking for an opportunity to cash out and co-opt the rise of President Trump’s “America First” populism. Before his reinvention as a national populist, Girdusky supported far-left politicians in New York, including NYC Councilwoman Helen Sears and gun control maniac Michael Bloomberg. He also sucked resources off of the Ron Paul movement before it fizzled, working with the Liberty for All PAC that raised millions from libertarians with little to show for it in terms of results.

Big League Politics has reported on Populist Inc’s subversive influence on the America First movement in the past:

New York Young Republicans President Gavin Wax recently appeared on Big League Politics Live where he discussed the problems with the Populist Inc. apparatus that has emerged to exert influence over Republican Party politics following Trump’s presidency.

Wax commented on the impetus for some to move past Trump, which he believes is an error. He pointed out that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, the individual who is typically called the heir apparent to Trump, had a troubling voting record in Congress, particularly with regards to foreign policy, before Trump elevated him as a prominent national figure.

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