OUT: Eric ‘Nuke ‘Em’ Swalwell Becomes First Democrat To Abandon 2020 Campaign

Swalwell Campaign Out

Rep. Eric Swalwell is ending his presidential campaign after only one debate, and instead will focus on defeating the stunningly brave, female Afghan-American challenger who is running against him in the Democrat primaries.

Swalwell, who had one of the more memorable moments of the first Democrat presidential debate while lambasting former vice president Joe Biden for his decades in politics and calling for the septuagenarian to “pass the torch” to the next generation, announced today that he is ending his nascent presidential campaign.

It appears Biden got the last laugh, as he accused the 38-year-old congressman of “ageism” in response to Swalwell’s attack.

Unable to capture the attention of the Democrat Party, which is quickly becoming the party of socialism and extreme identity politics, Swalwell is expected to formally announce the end of his campaign during a press conference schedule for later this afternoon.

Swalwell, a harsh critic of the Second Amendment and a proponent of strict gun control, last year threatened to unleash nuclear devastation against American citizens who refuse to give up their firearms:

In May, NBC reported that Swalwell proposed a gun buyback that would force Americans to sell semiautomatic rifles to the government or face prosecution. Newsmax host John Cardillo shared the article on Friday, prompting combat veteran and right wing commentator Joe Biggs to claim that a civil war would break out if the federal government actually tried to confiscate weapons.

“So basically @RepSwalwell wants a war. Because that’s what you would get. You’re outta your f****** mind if you think I’ll give up my rights and give the gov all the power,” Biggs said.

That prompted an accidentally honest response from Swalwell.

“And it would be a short war my friend. The government has nukes. Too many of them. But they’re legit. I’m sure if we talked we could find common ground to protect our families and communities,” Swalwell said.

It appears insulting Biden, frequently appearing on CNN, and threatening to turn Republican states into a Fallout 4-esque hell may not have even been enough to earn Swalwell enough donors to gain a coveted place on the next debate stage, as prior to ending his campaign, Swalwell had not announced whether he received the requisite number of donations to appear.

Swalwell, who was polling at 0 per cent, also struggled to attract crowds.

The former candidate recently held an anti-gun event outside the NRA headquarters, where he attracted a crowd of only 20, and generally made a fool of himself.

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