Over $200,000 Raised for Heroic Salon Owner in Texas After She is Given Jail Time and Fines for Opening Her Business

Dallas area salon owner Shelley Luther became famous by breaking Texas’s shelter order in late April.

Like many small business owners, she had to make ends meet and could not afford the luxury of a prolonged shutdown.

She would then receive a citation from the city of Dallas. Her case gained widespread coverage and she would later be invited to a rally protesting the closures.

At the rally, Luther expressed her desire to keep her business afloat and also wants the rest of the Texas economy to continue running.  She said before the crowd, “We have a right to run a business and feed our children.”

Luther then took out her citation and ripped it up in front of the crowd, which drew massive cheers from the crowd.
“You’re our Rosa Parks,” a woman yelled from the crowd as Shelley Luther took the stage.


On May 5, 2020, Luther received a 7-day jail sentence and was fined $7,000. The salon owner refused to apologize to the judge for her decision to open the business.

Essentially, local busybodies want to castigate Shelley for the grievous crime of trying to sustain herself and family.

On the night of May 5,a  GoFundMe page was set up to raise money for Shelley Luther and her business.

As of May 6, over $260,000 has been raised for Luther and her family.


The Texas state government has done a solid job by protecting the right to bear arms by declaring gun stores essential.

However, the government has been lackluster in its efforts to re-open the economy.

Governor Greg Abbott must take action, lest he wants people like Luther to continue to economically suffer.

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