Overwhelmingly Majority-Conservative Court To Decide On Biden’s Private Vaccine Mandate

The Appeals Court’s Fifth Circuit building

Some ultra-conservative thinkers such as Ann Coulter, her many other criticisms of Trump notwithstanding, have praised 45th President Donald Trump for delegating most Judge appointments to the Federalist Society and have considered this effort to be potentially one of his longest-lasting legacies of the Trump Presidency considering that many of these are lifetime appointments. This was most recently evident in the composition of a very crucial appeals court.

According to The Epoch Times, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit was declared the winner of the lottery where the prize was the responsibility of deliberating the dozens of lawsuits filed against the Biden regime’s private sector vaccine mandate.

This circumstance came about when thirty-four separate suits were filed across the country protesting the mandate, with every single court of appeals receiving at least one of these suits. This deluge of lawsuits triggered a federal law that requires the consolidation of cases filed with multiple appeals courts, with one court of appeals being chosen at random to handle the basket of cases.

What makes this potentially amusing for many conservatives is the fact that 20 out of the 27 Judges in the Sixth Circuit were appointed by Republican Presidents, with 6 by Trump, 8 by Bush Jr, 3 by Bush Sr, and 3 by Reagan, with only 5 from Clinton and 2 from Obama. This unusually conservative-heavy court composition may very well rule against the legality of the Biden regime’s mandate by a very comfortable majority, making the risk of RINO judges upsetting the conservative applecart very unlikely.

A panel on the Sixth Circuit will decide whether or not to perpetuate a stay order issued by 3 Republican-nominated Judges from the Fifth Circuit that was issued on the 6th of November, with the Judges saying that the mandate represented “grave statutory and constitutional issues” which justified a detailed analysis of the mandate.

Going forward, 3 of the 27 Judges will be chosen randomly to hear the consolidated case, with the option of appealing to the entire court if deemed necessary. The Supreme Court is expected to eventually rule for good whether the mandate is legal or not.

Court compositions such as this are believed to be a major motivator behind the left’s insistence to expand the number of seats in the Supreme Court, seeing as that is the one area that cannot be restaffed immediately when electoral power officially changes party hands.

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