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Owen Shroyer of Infowars Grills Al Green Over His Racist, Anti-White Hatred of Donald Trump

Green has admitted he supports impeaching Trump for the purposes of racial retribution.



Infowars journalist Owen Shroyer, who was dragged out of an impeachment hearing for exposing Democratic Party treason on Monday, confronted Rep. Al Green (D-TX) in an airport on Tuesday.

“I saw what you said on Friday… You called the President a racist again, and you were projecting your race-baiting onto him again,” Shroyer said to Green.

“Well, you know you have your opinion, and I have mine,” Green responded.

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“That’s a serious allegation, Al. Al, he’s not a racist,” Shroyer said.

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“I’ll tell you what. If you want to follow me in here, you can,” Green said as he went into the bathroom.

Always the professional, Shroyer allowed Green to walk into the bathroom unabated. He waited outside patiently and continued questioning the impeachment proponent when he emerged from the bathroom.

“He’s a bigot, and you’re a bigot supporter… I don’t know how you can support this bigotry,” Green said to Shroyer.

“But don’t you understand that that’s so immature?” Shroyer asked, but Green kept reciting lines from his script.

“Why do you support bigots? How do you support bigots?” Green said, as Shroyer could barely get a word in edgewise.

Shroyer tried to make the point to Green that the United Nations released a report last month showing that there were more children detained by federal authorities under Obama than there are currently being held by the Trump administration, but Green kept shouting over him.

“Why are you a racist?” Green kept asking Shroyer.

“This is what you’re doing to Trump. You don’t know Trump. You’re lying about Trump, and you know it!” Shroyer snapped back.

“Is this what your parents taught you? Did you get it from your parents?” Green asked.

At one point, Green even went up to a police officer and asked the police officer to “say hello to a racist,” referring to Shroyer.

“Look Al, here is all want to tell you. America is sick of the impeachment, Al. America is sick of the impeachment, Al. You’re lying about the President,” Shroyer said before graciously adding that he liked Green as a person.

The entire exchange can be seen here:

Recently, Green admitted that he supports impeaching the President for the purposes of racial vengeance. He wants Trump deposed because of slavery.

“I do believe, ma’am, that we have to deal with the original sin,” Green said while appearing on MSNBC on Saturday. “We have to deal with slavery. Slavery was the thing that put all of what President Trump has done lately into motion. It’s [the] insidious scion of racism. The president has played on racism, and he’s used that as a weapon to galvanize a base of support to mobilize people.”

Green’s pitifully low IQ causes him to be more candid about the reasoning behind Trump’s impeachment. It’s because they hate the man, not because he committed any unethical or illegal actions. Green’s belligerence while being questioned politely by Shroyer shows the man to be an anti-white racist unconcerned with facts or analysis.


‘Let Them Be Free!’: Marjorie Taylor Greene Urges Trump to Pardon Edward Snowden and Julian Assange for Exposing ‘the Crimes of Barack Obama and the Deep State’

This is what real conservative leadership is all about.



Soon-to-be Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia is joining a movement urging President Donald Trump to pardon NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden and Wikileaks founder Julian Assange for opposing deep state corruption.

Greene made the declaration with a Twitter post on Thanksgiving night:

Greene made the comment in reference to a renewed push from Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) for President Trump to pardon Snowden and Assange.

“Since you’re giving pardons to people, please consider pardoning those who, at great personal sacrifice, exposed the deception and criminality of those in the deep state,” the iconoclastic progressive lawmaker wrote in a tweet.

“Brave whistleblowers exposing lies & illegal actions in our government must be protected,” Gabbard wrote in a Twitter post accompanying a video recording earlier this year. “Join me and urge Congress: Pass my bipartisan legislation (HRes1162, HRes1175, HR8452) calling for charges against @snowden & Assange to be dropped & to reform the Espionage Act.”

Big League Politics has reported extensively on Greene’s bold approach that completely rejects the conventional wisdom of the Washington D.C. swamp on a wide variety of issues, particularly foreign policy:

New York Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez tried to get sassy on Twitter in light of the recent drama regarding election regularities taking place across the nation.

Due to this, President Donald Trump has not conceded the election and is waiting for the courts to settle any kind of irregularities at polling locations in key swing states. This obviously has Democrats and their media allies fuming over Trump’s steadfast devotion for the rule of law and election integrity.

One of the most outspoken critics of Trump’s decision to not concede has been AOC. She tweeted on November 10, 2020, “I hope people realize that the same Republicans who are refusing to acknowledge the results of our elections also champion disastrous foreign policy claiming they’re ‘bringing democracy’ to other nations.”

AOC’s comment was met with immediate backlash after incoming Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene offered her two cents on the matter. The new congresswoman for Georgia’s 4th District tweeted “You voted for @JoeBiden who voted for the Iraq War, which cost America trillions of dollars and thousands of lives.”

… Greene was specifically calling out AOC for her hypocritical behavior of voting for a candidate that was one of the most seasoned proponents of foreign adventuring and a big booster of the defense industry. Certain officials from defense contractors such as Raytheon CEO Gregory Hayes have stated that a Biden presidency would not entertain any form of defense cuts whatsoever. Biden is the consummate political insider and AOC’s support for him belies her marketing as an outsider.

Greene is showing how the Republican Party should be shifting with Trump at the helm. Greene’s rise represents a populist, anti-establishment GOP that rejects neocon usurpers like former South Carolina governor Nikki Haley and Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX).

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