PAINFUL: CNN Guest Bashes Trump for Paying Respects to Bush in Incoherent Rant

A CNN guest tore into President Donald J. Trump seconds after he paid his respects to the late President George H.W. Bush at the Capitol Rotunda Monday evening.

“You know, he – he’s not one to mend fences too – too readily,” said Jamie Gangel on Anderson Cooper 360. “I think he’s doing this because he feels he has to do it and I’m also assuming that General Kelly has had a big hand in it. I do know from the Bush family that they are very appreciative and think the White House has just bent over backwards, gone to great lengths, been extraordinarily helpful. That said – just – I can’t help but wonder if there was a thought bubble over Donald Trump’s head just now, what he was thinking as he stood there.”

At that point, the other panel guest interrupted to read Trump’s mind, because this is CNN.

“I have to imagine he was thinking ‘How much longer do I have to stand here?'” said Jeffrey Engel, a Bush biographer.

Gangel then continued on her ridiculous monologue.

“I – it’s, it’s, you know – he had to be there, he did it, umm, I think it’s interesting he did it, because maybe he could’ve waited till the National Cathedral, and then he saluted,” she said. “It, it was somewhat theatrical, uh, in nature, but it’s, I, I can’t imagine that this is very comfortable for him – these moments – and I think it is going to be fascinating to watch the Cathedral on Wednesday and how he interacts with these other presidents, and how he sits there during these eulogies.”

Once again, the Cable News Network cannot devote a full minute to something other than bashing Trump. Yikes.


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