Pam Bondi Swoops In To Recount Madness…Will It Be Enough?

Florida attorney general Pam Bondi, Republican, is swooping into the recount madness, directing the Republican secretary of state Ken Detzner to report any and all illegal activity found in the Florida voting process.

But she also had to send a letter to the state’s law enforcement commissioner Richard Swearingen stating her disappointment that Swearingen is not investigating the rampant reports of voter fraud in Florida’s election, or the fact that trucks are showing up and leaving the Broward County election office, or the fact that sitting Congressman Matt Gaetz was blocked from even taking video footage of the trucks coming and going from the election office.

Bondi directs Detzner to report potentially illegal activity to law enforcement entities including Swearingen’s office, but she does not seem to be compelling anyone to do anything, and we already know that Swearingen is sadly not investigating the chaos. Swearingen in 2015 said that he is not “the governor’s boy,” referring to Rick Scott, who appears to have won the Senate election over Bill Nelson.

Here are the two letters Pam Bondi released Sunday, the first one to Detzner and the second one a disappointed note to Swearingen. Do you think Pam Bondi is stepping up to the plate here, or do these letters not go far enough?



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