PANSY: Media Crybaby Complains About Music Volume at President Trump’s Rally

Journalist Complains Music Trump rallies Too Loud

Marcus J. DiPaola, a media crybaby, is complaining on Twitter that the music played at President Donald Trump’s rallies is too loud, and could cause “permanent hearing damage”.

DiPaola, who refers to himself as a “freelance field producer” (read: unemployed) whose dream is to “have a job with health insurance” (read: unemployable), has posted a lengthy Twitter thread complaining about the music at President Trump’s rallies, tweeting from tonight’s rally in Greenville, North Carolina.

President Trump notoriously plays a variety of both classic rock and classical music at his rallies, ranging from The Rolling Stones to Elton John to the soundtrack from “The Phantom of the Opera”. Apparently this concert-like setting was too much for DiPaola, as he moaned on Twitter that “Reporters have long complained about the music and it’s… honestly not great.” He continued, “The music for the past three hours has been a steady 80ish dBs. Permanent hearing damage”.

The pathetic complaining did not end here, however.

DiPaola complained that, as President Trump’s arrival drew closer, the sound steadily increased. By 6:12 p.m., the volume had increased to 98.3 decibels, which DiPaola says “causes hearing damage after 50 minutes of exposure.”

Big League Politics says, “Rock on, President Trump.”

DiPaola even had the audacity to complain about the volume of the YMCA song and “Beat It” by Michael Jackson, noting the volume hovers around 90 decibels, peaking at 93.6.

It would seem DiPaola’s sensitive ears have never been graced with a rock concert. The current record holder for the loudest band on record is Manowar, which registered an earsplitting 139 decibels at a German concert in 2009. Other notably loud bands include The Rolling Stones, KISS, The Who, Motorhead, and AC/DC.

For more perspective, the same website chronicling the loudest bands notes that the noise made from fans of the University of Kansas’ Jayhawks beat out Motorhead and AC/DC, reaching 130.4 decibels.

Still, the Kansas sports fans have nothing on fans of the Seattle Seahawks, who managed to clock in at an impressive 137.6 decibels in Century Link Field, making them the loudest group of sports fans on record.

In other words, DiPaola has apparently not only never attended a concert, but has yet to experience live sporting events. His delicate ears just cannot take the pain.

Take this as kind encouragement, Marcus. It’s time to let your hair down and live a little. You are doing very little to help your fellow Millennials and Zoomers shirk the notion that we are all special snowflakes who will complain if the music is too loud.

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