Pantene Releases Commercial Featuring Lesbian Couple Raising a Transgender Child

Pantene, a shampoo company, has released a commercial featuring a lesbian couple raising a transgender child that is being widely panned on social media.

“For LGBTQ kids, hair is more than how you look,” the advertisement states. “It’s how you are seen.”

The lesbian couple introduces their “daughter,” Sawyer, who is transgender. They indoctrinated the child who they procured into their depraved lifestyle, and it has apparently resulted in the development of severe gender dysphoria within the abused youngster.

“Sawyer is an old soul. She is our spunky and creative kiddo. Sawyer also happens to be a transgender girl,” one of the parents explains.

“I remember the first time she was out in the community wearing the clothes she wanted and her hair. And she kind of was herself. And that was the first day where I saw her,” she adds.

The lesbian couple use Orwellian newspeak to justify the abuse they have inflicted on the child who they call their “transgender girl.”

“She has always been super gender creative and hair has always been a big part of her transition,” the deranged mother says. “Once she told us that she identified as a girl, she immediately wanted to grow her hair out.”

“It made me feel good and confident, and it made my insides match my outsides,” Sawyer says in the video.

The abusers spread the lie that children can choose their gender at a young age to justify the trauma they have inflicted on the poor kid.

“This was a kid who knew who she was from such a young age. And as a mom, you always worry about your kids being loved and accepted. So, I’m always telling Sawyer to never hide who she is, always be herself, never be afraid to step out and exist as the person who she is,” the woman says.

“My advice is just be yourself and don’t let anyone tell you who you are,” Sawyer says to conclude the advertisement.

The full Pantene ad can be seen here:

Concerned individuals on social media skewered Pantene for the ad and pointed out the exploitative nature of the video designed to warp the minds of innocent, precocious children:

Even though corporate America is firmly on board for this agenda, the common people are still not buying into LGBT child abuse insanity.

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