Parler CEO “Confident” Platform Will Return to the Internet by the End of the Month

Parler CEO John Matze confirmed that he’s “confident” the free speech social media service will return to the internet by the end of the month, speaking in an interview with Fox News.

“Every day it changes wildly, but I feel confident now,” Matze said. “We’re making significant progress. When you go into it doesn’t go into the void now, it hits a server, and it returns just one piece of information.

I’m confident that by the end of the month, we’ll be back up.

Amazon Web Hosting cancelled its hosting of Parler earlier this month. Big Tech oligarchs have blamed the service for the raucous US Capitol protest and riot earlier this month, even as evidence suggests the overwhelming majority of the planning for the event was undertaken on Twitter and Facebook.

It’s a possibility that Parler could contract web hosting services with a company located in the Russian Federation, a country where the overbearing atmosphere of western political censorship isn’t as strong.

Parler is currently litigating with Amazon for the arbitrary cancellation of its hosting agreement, pointing out a provision in the contract between the two companies that mandated a 30-day warning before any termination of service.

A message from conservative commentator Dan Bongino, an investor in the free speech platform, is featured on Parler’s temporary web page.

As Parler remains defunct, free speech platform Gab remains fully operational and has incurred record-setting growth in the last several weeks. Gab’s hosting and server infrastructure is all internally owned and managed, providing immunity to deplatforming attempts on the part of Big Tech.

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