Parler CEO Predicts Free Speech Platform Can Outgrow Twitter Within One Year

The CEO of free speech social media platform Parler predicted Sunday that the Big Tech alternative can outgrow Twitter’s use base within a year.

John Matze made the ambitious prediction in an interview with the Washington Examiner’s Elisha Krauss.

A year from now, I think we will have knocked Twitter to be second place, I think,” Matze predicted. “It sounds crazy, but it’s going to happen. We have the momentum, and now, they’ve given us an inch, and we’re going to take a full mile.

Parler has received a large increase in its user base since the election, with more than 4 million new users flocking to the platform. Many new users have simply had enough of Twitter’s pervasive censorship and left-wing bias, and have gone to Parler in pursuit of a true neutral free speech platform. Parler became the most popular program on Apple’s App Store following the election, as Twitter enacted a new wave of censorship in response to the still-disputed contest.

People don’t trust these big tech oligarchs anymore. They’re big, evil, they’re taking advantage of people’s data, and they’re silencing people’s voices. They’re really overreaching to an extent that’s scary, and people are really realizing they have to wake up and do something about this.

Parler’s administrators have previously promised that any speech protected under the First Amendment is permissible on Parler.

What really sets us apart is that we’re hands off. The whole idea is that we respect the First Amendment. We respect what people want to say, what they want to do,” described Matze. Matze also emphasized that Parler refrains from sharing and mining user data unlike Big Tech platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, providing the user an additional level of privacy.

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