Party of Tolerance: Representative Jayapal Says Republican Party Has No “Basic Decency”

Pramila Jayapal has had an unusually cosmopolitan life, being born in India and spending her childhood in Singapore and Thailand before immigrating to America at 16

Washington Representative Jayapal laced into the Republican Party in an interview with MSNBC’s Joy Reid.

In an interview with MSNBC’s anti White bigot Joy Reid, Representative Jayapal as is par the course for this partisan laced into Republicans. When discussing Congresswoman Lauren Boebert’s “Jihad squad” comments, Jayapal argued “Kevin McCarthy is either unwilling or unable to control his caucus, and that shows that he cannot be in leadership of his caucus much less in leadership of the House of Representatives.

In the ultimate example of lacking self awareness Jayapal accused Republicans of lacking decency. “It goes to the fundamental brokenness of the Republican Party today. They do not even have basic decency. They can’t even have a conversation about what is right and wrong. It is wrong to call a member of Congress a suicide bomber. It is wrong to joke about that publicly. It endangers their lives and the Muslims that work on Capitol Hill because there are so many people that can’t tell the difference, unfortunately.”

Yet again Joy Reid is using her show as a platform for hate and disinformation against Republicans. A member of The Democrat party is ironically accusing Republicans of hate all the while lying about and demeaning Republicans.

Jayapal continued to incite and pounce on Republicans, saying “What are Republicans promising you? Nothing but hatred, discrimination, the big lie, and a continuation of policies that benefit the tiniest wealthiest group of people in this country.” Ironically, Jayapal herself is lying yet again. She is accusing Republicans of discrimination and hatred when that is what Jayapal herself is peddling in this interview.

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