PATHETIC: Drew Springer Spreads COVID Hysteria to Slam Anti-Lockdown Opponent Shelley Luther in Texas Senate Race

Texas state representative Drew Springer has been endorsed by the RINO establishment, including Gov. Greg Abbott, for his run for state senate, and a recent mailer released by his campaign shows the level of contempt he has for his constituents.

Springer is running against Shelley Luther, the salon owner who fought back against COVID-19 mandates, and is maligning her for resisting COVID lockdown insanity. He recently sent out a mailer hammering Luther for defying “lockdown orders despite receiving a cease and desist order.”

He is making Luther out to be a villain for standing for her constitutional rights. Springer’s mailer also claims that Luther “ignores science and endangers others.” His campaign claims she “hosts massive rallies against CDC guidelines” and is “funded by out-of-district “Dark Money” billionaires.” Springer is using liberal talking points in a desperate attempt to keep a grassroots fighter out of the Texas state senate.

Luther took aim at Springer in a Facebook post and noted that his smears are simply an extension of Abbott, who has surrendered to virus hysteria and destroyed hundreds of small businesses with his lockdown edicts.

She said: “If you think Drew Springer is a true conservative, you are wrong. His latest mailer says it all! This is a reach for the liberal voters, and a slap in the face to small businesses, especially the ones that were just shut down AGAIN by his crony endorser, Abbott.”

Luther’s post and the desperate advertisement mailed out by Springer can be seen here:

Big League Politics has reported about the heroism of Luther as she put her livelihood on the line as the founding fathers would have to protect her small business against COVID thuggery and becoming a national inspiration in the process:

Dallas area salon owner Shelley Luther became famous by breaking Texas’s shelter order in late April.

Like many small business owners, she had to make ends meet and could not afford the luxury of a prolonged shutdown.

She would then receive a citation from the city of Dallas. Her case gained widespread coverage and she would later be invited to a rally protesting the closures.

At the rally, Luther expressed her desire to keep her business afloat and also wants the rest of the Texas economy to continue running. She said before the crowd, “We have a right to run a business and feed our children.”

Luther then took out her citation and ripped it up in front of the crowd, which drew massive cheers from the crowd.

“You’re our Rosa Parks,” a woman yelled from the crowd as Shelley Luther took the stage.

Luther prevailing over Springer in the Texas district 30 senate race would be a major victory for the Bill of Rights and Constitution. The runoff election is scheduled for Dec. 19.

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