‘PATHOLOGICAL LIAR’: Trump Tower Doorman Spreads Love Child Rumor In Media


The ex-wife of former Trump Tower doorman Dino Sajudin said the budding CNN star is a “pathological liar” who has “seen Bigfoot.”

Sajudin is the subject of a Friday night CNN article in which his lawyer claims that he is no longer bound by his exclusive contract with the parent company of the National Enquirer, which paid him $30,000 for the rights to his story then buried it. Sajudin is subject to a $1 million penalty if he is wrong and is still actually bound to his contract (he already spoke to the Washington Post about it months ago in April).

is galvanizing the hopeful speculation of the anti-Trump mainstream media. The onetime doorman claims that he has some knowledge that Trump fathered a child with a maid he employed. Even if true, that’s not a crime and no grounds for impeachment, but the media has moved beyond any reason or logic at this point in a mad dash to compete with one another in partisan voyeurism.

However, Sajudin’s story is highly suspect.

He does not claim to have actually witnessed anything, but merely claims that he was told to be nice to one of the Trump-employed housekeepers because she was the mother of a Trump child. The extent of Sajudin’s tale is that he claims he heard a company rumor.

“He’s infamous for making up stories. He’s seen the chupacabra. He’s seen Bigfoot. One of our friends who passed away, he saw him too, walking down the street,” said the doorman’s 14-year ex-wife Nikki Benfatto in an interview with The New York Daily News the last time this doorman’s diaries bubbled up in the mainstream media. The New York Daily News is a rabidly left-wing newspaper, so they have no reason to cover for Trump.

“The source that this is coming from is unstable on every level,” stated Benfatto, who also called the doorman a “pathological liar.”

But that doesn’t stop CNN from featuring this ex-doorman, and fanning the flames of a new round of manufactured media viciousness.

Trump supporters have always shown a very consistent indifference to Trump personal scandals, considering that Trump is literally the only person on the planet in their eyes capable of stopping the globalist takeover of all American institutions and subjecting patriotic people to a brutal authoritarianism similar to the current scenario in Europe.

If Democrats win the House of Representatives — banking on the fact that non-GOP Trump supporters won’t show up to vote for their probably-meaningless Republican congressman in their own district — then Nancy Pelosi will almost certainly impeach Trump for something or other. That would embolden Mitch McConnell, who could then use his leverage over the Senate votes to crush the Trump agenda in its tracks.

And Democrats — in concert with their media — think salacious rumors about Trump is the right platform the 2018 midterms.

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