Patrick Howley At Tea Party Summit: They Can’t Call Us Conspiracy Theorists Anymore

As the founder and Editor in Chief of Big League Politics, I spoke at the recent Virginia Tea Party Summit, where I explained in detail how I have completely unraveled the media’s 2-D Narrative over the past two years, and how our work in investigative journalism is leading America into a new age of independent thought and populist action.

Since inventing Big League Politics in early 2017, I introduced the world to the facts surrounding the death of Seth Rich, I led the way in exposing the national Antifa cell that tore down the Silent Sam statue on the University of North Carolina campus, I exposed racist Ralph Northam, Justin Fairfax and the Virginia Democrats, I busted the midterm election-stealing effort, I exposed all of the Democrat political links to the NXIVM child trafficking cult in New York, and I completely and utterly defeated Robert Mueller. My years-long plan to expose human trafficking has gone mainstream, with the Jeffrey Epstein case dominating headlines. My work has taken BLP from a startup blog to a world-recognized news organization and favorite of Rush and Tucker — and I now might be the only journalist to ever get the Drudge feature at four different outlets (Breitbart, the Daily Caller, the Free Beacon, and Big League Politics).

I have edited all of my favorite writers. Big League Politics’ contributor list reads like a Who’s Who of Amazing Populists, including Cassandra Fairbanks (who caught Seymour Hersh admitting that Brennan and Clapper made Russiagate up), Roger Stone, Neil McCabe, Laura Loomer (who famously confronted Maxine Waters for us at the Capitol), Larry Schweikart, Peter D’Abrosca (who brought down the leaders of the Southern Poverty Law Center), Sidney Powell, Ben Garrison, Kayleigh McEnany, and so many more. Together, we proved that independent media can use market competition to keep the bigger media more honest than they ever intended to be. And I never asked for money from the movement.

As I said in my speech at the Virginia Tea Party Summit, I have indeed proved my point to America. And I did it every step of the way with pure love and joy. Sleepy Eyes Chuck Todd should take notes!



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