Patriot Cop Suspended for Defending Law Enforcement Against Lebron James in TikTok Video is Refusing to Back Down

A patriotic law enforcement officer who was suspended from the force for making a TikTok video defending cops is refusing to back down now that he is being targeted as the next victim of cancel culture.

Idaho police officer Nate Silvester posted a TikTok video deriding sportsball chucker Lebron James, and he was suspended without pay in the aftermath. However, Silvester is refusing to fold despite the push back against him and has raised almost $200,000 through his crowdfunding site. 

Silvester has released two videos telling his supporters that he will not back down, and it is time for Americans to stand and fight against a far-left cultural revolution that will recreate some of history’s worst atrocities if it is not stopped.

“I never would have anticipated that this would have become as big as it has, and we’re just going to keep making it bigger. We have a voice now, and we’ve learned that. And we’re going to use it to stand up for law enforcement officers all over this country. We’re not going to tolerate being attacked or bullied or vilified in the media any more. We have to have each other’s back, and that’s what we’re gonna do,” he said.

“I’d like to shift the focus from me onto the bigger picture, which is law enforcement officers who find themselves in situations where, after they’ve done their job and they’ve done the right thing, that they’re being attacked by media and celebrities and people who want to vilify and crucify police officers for just doing their job. … The additional funds that are coming in are going to be used for that. … To shed positive light on law enforcement. To humanize the badge. And to make sure that people know that police officers are good, decent, ethical people doing a tough job,” Silvester added.

The videos can be seen here:

Law enforcement officers are being targeted by mobs of savages for simply doing their jobs, and the entire political establishment is cheering on this agenda. It is incumbent on the common people of America to stand and push back this rising tide; there is no one else to come save the day.

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