Patriot Prayer Demonstrator Shot and Killed by “Security Guard” in Denver, Colorado

A demonstrator affiliated with Patriot Prayer was shot and killed by a private security guard for 9NEWS on Saturday during dueling protest events in Denver, Colorado. The Denver police have arrested two suspects in what they’re calling a homicide investigation.

The shooting was caught on camera, as was the arrest of the gun-wielding suspect. Initial reports suggest that the two individuals had engaged in a confrontation in which pepper spray was used.

Dueling rallies had been planned for the downtown Denver Civic Center, with one billed as the “BLM-ANTIFA Soup Drive” intended to disrupt the peaceful Patriot Prayer event. The organizers of the leftist event had described themselves as “fighting against racism, nationalism, misogyny, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, the police, immigration-enforcement, imperialism and all oppression and exploitation.”

Earlier in the demonstration before the shooting, the Denver Police had fired pepper balls at unruly leftist rioters seeking to attack a barricade separating themselves from the peaceful Patriot Prayer protestors.

BLM/ANTIFA had been seen verbally abusing and threatening police officers overseeing the park protest.

The identities of suspects and victims have not yet been released.

ANTIFA is a sickening terrorist organization. Its violent collaborators should be indicted and charged with accessory to murder, property damage, and felony riot for their consistent track record of violent criminal activity.

UPDATE: The Denver Police Department is describing the suspect taken into custody as a private security guard.

9NEWS Denver, an area TV station, went on to confirm that one of its employees and a private security guard working for the organization had been taken into custody by Denver Police following the incident.

Big League Politics is continuing to monitor the developing situation.