Patriotic Anti-Mass Migration Activist Urges President Trump to Reject Mass Amnesty

One immigration patriot group is taking a stand against amnesty.

Immigration restriction group The Remembrance Project released a letter titled “An Open Letter to President Trump: No Amnesty. No DACA “Road to Citizenship” urging President Donald Trump to firmly reject any amnesty proposals.

On July 10, 2020, President Trump caused an uproar among immigration restriction advocates when he announced a “road to citizenship” to DACA recipients in an interview with Telemundo.

BLP reported on this event, which represents a relaxation of Trump’s otherwise hawkish immigration stances that got him elected in 2016.

The group initially warned President Trump in the letter “Please be advised that, just as Obama had no constitutional authority to create DACA, you have no constitutional authority to legalize DACA illegal aliens.”

The group expressed its shock by noting that Trump’s “recent words shocked millions of patriots and represent a total reversal” of Trump’s “repeated campaign promises to America.”

The Remembrance Project was clear about what is at stake regarding amnesty:

Your “road to citizenship” for 700 thousand so-called DACA children, some of whom are now up to 40 years old, also belies your personal promises to our Angel families when you spoke to them on September 17, 2016 at The Remembrance Project National Conference. With nearly 40 grieving family members and over 500 supporters present, you promised that a Trump administration’s top priorities would be stopping illegal alien crime through building the wall and removing illegals.

The immigration restriction organization also reminded the president about his administration’s ongoing battle to secure the southern border and the promises it has yet to fulfill:

To date, neither promise has been fulfilled, and Americans are still being killed daily by illegal aliens, even as you now support amnesty. Hearing the words of your impending DACA amnesty has also re-victimized our families. Without exception, Angel families across America view this as a betrayal of your personal promises to them.

The signers of the letter made it clear what Trump’s signature of an amnesty means for America:

If you go forward with DACA amnesty, they, their friends and families will not vote for you this fall. In the broader concern of national security, a DACA amnesty will surely be seen across the world that foreign invaders sneaking into our country, bringing their children, stealing American jobs and lives is acceptable. It is not. And you must not allow it. Amnesty is antithetical to law and order.

They concluded, “We insist that you stand strong by rescinding DACA, not legitimizing it, and to never give in to the open border tyrants.”

BLP reached out to Maria Espinoza, the National Director of the Remembrance Project.

First, she made it clear that DACA is a non-starter:

It is the position of The Remembrance Project that there is no urgency to negotiate with illegal aliens, as they have no legal status in America. Therefore, they have no seat at our negotiating table.

Espinoza stressed the importance of the rule of law when dealing with immigration:

Instead, what must be urgently addressed is America’s return to the rule of law in order to save the lives of thousands of innocent Americans from the lawless behavior of illegal aliens.

She also called attention to the previous amnesty fiasco of the 1980s under the watch of Ronald Reagan and how the D.C. political class has completely abandoned the idea of providing border security:

America’s families were promised border security in 1986 in the form of The Wall along our southern border. Here we are thirty-four years later and funding for The Wall has been repeatedly blocked by decades of professional Congressional liars of both parties.

Asylum loopholes have not been addressed. USCIS passes undocumented asylees into our communities.  Mandatory e-verify has not been implemented, while millions of qualified Americans cannot find work, destroying the fabric of our families and our communities.

Treasonous local and state politicians protect millions of illegals in unlawful sanctuary jurisdictions.  Where we once saw safe and happy communities, violence, decay and lawlessness prevails.

The Remembrance Project has been a leading voice in calling for severe restrictions to mass migration.

In addition to Espinoza, Timothy J. Lyng, the President of the Remembrance Project, signed on to the letter.

Lenny DePaul, a retired Chief Inspector/Commander U.S. Marshal Services, and rock musician Ted Nugent also signed the letter.

The role organizations that the Remembrance Project play in pushing for immigration restriction cannot be overstated. The very foundations of American stability are at stake when dealing with mass migration, which is why immigration patriots should be enthusiastically supporting organizations like the Remembrance Project.

This letter can be read here.

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