Patriotic Senator Rolls Out Plan To Turn Oklahoma into a Second Amendment Sanctuary State

A number of Republican elected officials are crafting legislation to stave off potential gun grabs under a potential Biden administration.

The presumptive President-elect Joe Biden has a long track record of supporting gun control while he was the Senator of Delaware. For example, Biden helped pass the 1990 Gun-Free School Zones Act and the 1994 Assault Weapons Ban, some of the landmark gun control legislation of the 1990s.

Under his administration, Biden would continue his gun-grabbing crusade. News9 listed off some of Biden’s anti-gun plan:

Biden’s plan includes a ban the manufacture and sale of assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, similar to the assault weapons ban of 1994; it would regulate possession of existing assault weapons under the National Firearms Act; the plan would also buy back the assault weapons and high-capacity magazines already in our communities; and require background checks for all gun sales and end the online sale of firearms and ammunition.

However, one Oklahoma State Senator is ready to challenge any kind of federal gun control action. Senator Nathan Dahm revealed he’s working on legislation that would turn Oklahoma into a Second Amendment sanctuary.

“Meaning that those cities, those states, those counties that enact this will not implement any unconstitutional gun control measures,” Dahm commented.

In addition, Dahm said he is flirting with the idea of including language that would keep police from carrying out gun control measures.

“A lot of how the feds try to implement these things is through local law enforcement, whether it’s county sheriffs, local police departments, and they try to attach funding to that to force those cities and counties to do that. So what we could do is make sure that those cities and counties don’t accept any federal funding to implement any gun control measures,” he remarked.

The U.S. is in uncharted waters right now. Although there will likely be a divided Congress, any kind of crisis could make the political establishment coalesce to create a gun control “solution” to placate the anti-gun media. Senator Dahm has the right instincts in mind by making sure to proactively defend his state from potential anti-gun depredations coming from the federal government.

Real change will likely come about from below.

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