Patriots Crowdfund First Movie About US-Israeli Soldiers In Combat

Givati IDF Movie

A group of Israeli and American patriots and veterans are crowdfunding to release ‘GIVATI: An American-Israeli War Story,’ a movie that will explore the struggle of the Israeli Defense Force and the nationalism that draws Jewish Americans to move to Israel and fight for their new homeland.

The film will focus on the experiences of Sara Cohen, a Jewish American woman, who travels to Israel with a group to learn about her heritage, and proceeds to fall in love with the Jewish nation, leaving her homeland and choosing to fight for the IDF.

In reality, the filmmakers estimate that Israel has approximately 3,000 foreign born soldiers fighting in the IDF, who were drawn to the startup nation and compelled to relocate. These are known in Israel as the “Lone Soldiers,” as aside from their love of Israel, they have no local support or connection to the nation.

The team behind GIVATI have personal ties to the subject matter as well. Director Justin Brewer is a U.S. Army combat veteran who moved to Israel and began a career in film after ending his deployment to Afghanistan in 2011. The team is also bolstered by the IDF captain known only as ‘DoubleTapper’, an Israeli counter-terrorism unit commander who blogs about his experiences anonymously.

‘GIVATI: An American-Israeli War Story’ is is currently undergoing crowd and investor funding on the popular Jewish fundraising website According to the current timeline, the movie’s filming will begin early next year, and it is expected to release publicly in December of 2019.

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