Paul Gosar Calls for Strong Immigration Controls to Tame Mexican Cartels

On March 7, 2023 Paul Gosar sounded off on Twitter about the growing instability kicking off at the southern border. 

He first tweeted, “The Mexican Cartels are terrorists who kidnap, harm, rape and kill American citizens. They profit off of our suffering through drug smuggling and human trafficking.

The Cartels declared war on us long ago.

The Left did nothing to stop them.”


Gosar continued, “ We don’t have to live like this. We are capable of having the strongest & most secure border in the world.

– Our southern border should be militarized.

– Fentanyl dealers need to receive the death penalty.

– Trump’s wall must be completed.

– We need an immigration moratorium.”


Towards the end of his twitter thread, Gosar called for the United States government to carry out mass deportations and not embrace amnesty: 

We need mass deportations and NO AMNESTY.

What’s taking place at the southern border is the real national security crisis. By having a relatively porous border, the US allows for drug cartels, human traffickers, terrorists, and other nasty elements to swoop in and cause all sorts of mayhem in the American interior. Heck, even great powers like China, who don’t like the US’s eventual pivot to Asia, will exploit America’s flawed immigration system to embed spies and subversive agents inside the country’s borders. 

Instead of focusing so much on policing the world, the US needs to get its house in order. The first place to start is at its southern border. 


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