Paul Gosar Leads Republican Charge Against Intervening in the Russo-Ukrainian Conflict

The neoconservative uniparty has been at its most active ever since tensions between Russia and Ukraine have mounted.

With speculation of Russia invading Ukraine, many hawkish figures in the Republican Party are calling for increased sanctions on Russia and the delivery of military weapons to Ukraine.

Though there have been dissenting voices against taking hawkish action towards Russia. For one, Arizona Congressman Paul Gosar has been one of the leading figures in calling for restraint when it comes to dealing with the Russo-Ukrainian conflict. 

Gosar declared, “Russia invading Ukraine is not an immediate threat to the security of the American people, homeland, and way of life. The flow of dangerous drugs, crime, and criminals over our sovereign border is.”

The corporate press has currently drummed up a narrative that Russia is about to invade Ukraine. The corporate press is citing reports that Russia has amassed over 100,000 troops and significant military materiel along the Russia-Ukraine border. 

In light of these heightened tensions, the U.S. has ordered relatives of its embassy staff to flee the Ukrainian capital of Kiev. It warned that an invasion could happen “at any time.” 

In a statement he released on January 22, Gosar declared, “We have no dog in the Ukraine fight. Not one American soldier should die there, and not one American bullet should be fired there.” 

“We just lost Afghanistan to sandal-wearing goat herders. I assure your Russian military is no joke either. The same clowns urging US intervention have the same stupid ROE that caused losses in Viet Nam, Iraq and Afghanistan,” Gosar added. 

Instead, Gosar suggested that the U.S. prioritize domestic matters.  such as immigration. Gosar asserted that “own borders remain open and we have been under a sustained and successful attack” from illegal aliens who are storming across the border. 

“Getting involved in a military situation with no US interest [it] is America Last not America First,” Gosar declared.

Kentucky Congressman Thomas Massie went on Twitter to express similar sentiments “should not be involved in any future war” in Ukraine.

“Too many in our government care about the Ukrainian border more than the U.S. border,” Massie added in another tweet.

The top national security priority is securing our border. Any other foreign policy adventure is a distraction at best, and an unmitigated disaster at worst.

An America First foreign policy is one of restraint, border security, and a focus on protecting the Western Hemisphere from external actors. 

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