Paul Gosar Wants a Complete Moratorium on Foreign Aid

Since Russia launched its special military operation in Ukraine on February 24, 2022, the United States government and its satrapies across Europe have poured profuse amounts of military and economic aid into Ukraine. The purpose of this aid is to give Russia a geopolitical black eye in Ukraine. 

However, this outpouring of aid has come at a cost. Many Western countries are facing energy breakdowns, growing social unrest, and soaring inflation. In light of this, nationalist politicians in the United States are beginning to reconsider doling out so much money to a corrupt country like Ukraine that’s involved in a conflict that’s not in the national interest.

Arizona Congressman Paul Gosar is now pushing for a 10-year moratorium on foreign aid as the Biden regime continues shoveling money into Ukraine. 

On August 8, 2022, the Biden regime announced an additional $4.5 billion in foreign aid to be allocated to Ukraine. This aid is supposedly for the Ukrainian government to keep “essential functions” running throughout the Russian invasion. 

Jack Hadfeld of Valiant News observed that “When including the amount spent on arms and other tangible resources, Ukraine will have received over $18 billion from the US this year alone.”

Gosar instantly stepped up to the plate by putting forward a “Total Foreign Aid Moratorium” for a 10-year period. 

“The solutions to many of our problems are actually quite simple,” Gosar stated. “Historic flood of immigration? Close the border. Other countries are shamelessly looting our own? Turn off the money spigot.”

“Millions of illegals are flooding across the border bringing drugs, disease, & crime. Inflation, food costs, & gas prices are record high. Families are hurting,” Gosar continued.

“We simply can’t afford to be sending tens of billions of dollars overseas anymore. We need a Foreign Aid Moratorium.”

Gosar has been one of the most vocal America First proponents in Congress. He has routinely voted against sanctions directed towards Russia and continued military aid to Ukraine. 

Instead of obsessing over conflicts thousands of miles away, Gosar believes the US should be more concentrated on its internal affairs, specifically securing its border from illegal alien invaders. Mass migration, not Russia or China’s military maneuvers in their respective spheres of influence, constitutes an existential threat to the US. 

Too bad the DC ruling class does not get that. 

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