Paul Nehlen Releases New ‘Russian Roulette’ TV Ad Attacking Paul Ryan on Terror

Paul Ryan/Paul Nehlen

Paul Nehlen today announced the release of a new ad in the race for the Republican nomination for US House entitled “Russian Roulette,” which attacks the “diversity lottery” that has been backed by Congress.

Nehlen is the America First conservative who is challenging House Speaker Paul Ryan in the 2018 primaries.

The ad boldly highlights terror attacks that have been increasingly occurring on US soil and the risks that come with taking in refugees.

“Russian Roulette,” the narrator begins. “That’s the diversity lottery game Congress has funded for 27 years. Inviting an invasion of Muslim Jihadists shooting up our cities and towns. But, Russian Roulette isn’t always played with a gun. It can be played with a truck or a bomb. Don’t gamble with your vote.”

“It’s time to stop Paul Ryan’s Russian Roulette diversity refugee lottery,” the ad concludes.

Speaking to Big League Politics, Nehlen asserted that Ryan has been ignoring efforts to end the diversity lottery and refugee resettlement program.

“Paul Ryan’s oath office (sworn to protect against all enemies foreign and domestic) means nothing to him. He’s demonstrated that by completely funding the diversity lottery and every refugee resettlement program Obama and all Presidents before him dreamt up. President Trump has said to put an end to the diversity lottery. Ending it is also part of Senator Tom Cotton’s RAISE Act, which Ryan conveniently ignores,” Nehlen told Big League of the ad.

Nehlen also had no problem throwing political correctness aside, declaring that fundamental Islam is incompatible with peace.

“Fundamental Islam is at war with Christians, Jews, so-called Moderate Muslims, Sikhs, Buddhists, you name it. Paul Ryan says stopping Muslim immigrants ‘isn’t who we are,'” Nehlen stated.

The candidate added that, “apparently Paul Ryan doesn’t realize most all Americans don’t appreciate being the collateral damage of his open border policies.”

The 30 second spot is backed by a five-figure buy and will play on TV across Wisconsin’s first congressional district.

Nehlen, like most other Trump supporters, believes that 2018 needs to be the year of putting new people in office who will support Trump’s agenda.

“I almost feel like there was a big wave that crashed onto shore and when the water receded, the only one standing there was Trump,” Nehlen previously told Big League Politics. “The next wave that comes in 2018, when it recedes, there needs to be a bunch of Trump supporters surrounding him and going to Washington to make the America First agenda a reality.”

In another previous interview with Big League Politics, Nehlen explained that he only had four months to campaign against Ryan during his previous bid. During that time, he was laser focused on stopping the controversial Trans Pacific Partnership — and he feels he was unable to fully introduce himself and his policies to the public. He is widely credited, however, with pressuring Ryan to finally oppose the TPP — legislation that would have been absolutely devastating to manufacturing jobs here in the US, according to experts.

Since his last campaign, Nehlen has authored a book called “Wage The Battle” about the importance of running candidates who support the ‘America First’ agenda across the nation and produced a documentary about radical Islam’s global invasion.