Paul Ryan Challenger Demands Speaker Investigate Hollywood Sex Abuse

Paul Ryan/Paul Nehlen

Businessman Paul Nehlen, the ‘America First’ candidate who is challenging Speaker Paul D. Ryan Jr. (R.-Wis)  in the 2018  GOP primary, called on the speaker to immediately launch an investigation into the multiplying reports of systemic sexual abuse in Hollywood.

Nehlen said Ryan must to conduct real investigations that will put an end to this atrocious behavior in Hollywood once and for all.

“The House must immediately use the power of subpoena to get to the bottom of reports of sexual abuse and corruption in the entertainment industry,” he said.

“With Harvey Weinstein, we may only be talking about the tip of the iceberg as far as systemic sexual abuse in Hollywood is concerned,” he said.

“Paul Ryan should immediately instruct the Republican House to get a handle on this problem and ensure that we put an end to the corrupt and potentially criminal sexual practices running rampant in the entertainment industry,” he said.

“Are we entrusting our nation’s culture to a den of sexual abusers and perverts?” asked Nehlen. “Our children deserve better, and a House Investigation is the first step in addressing the nation’s concerns.”

Ryan has already weighed in on the scandal. “In any institution, wherever you look in society, you’re going to have these kinds of problems. The more you can expose it and the more we can castigate people in society on these things to show that this is not acceptable behavior, that’s to the good,” Ryan said.

Nehlen commended Ryan for speaking out about the issue, but he warned that the lawmaker must work to drain the golden West Coast swamp.

Since his last campaign, Nehlen has authored a book called Wage The Battle about the importance of running candidates who support the ‘America First’ agenda across the nation and produced a documentary about radical Islam’s global invasion.

Nehlen is widely credited with forcing Ryan to stand against the Trans-Pacific Partnership with his vocal criticism of the deal during his 2016 run.

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