Paul Ryan Promises to Boycott Republican Convention if Donald Trump is Nominated

During an interview with  FOX6 News, former United States House Speaker Paul Ryan declared that he would boycott the 2024 Republican National Convention if former President Donald Trump is nominated.

On February 23, 2023, FOX6 News correspondent Jason Calvi questioned the former Wisconsin congressman if he would attend the convention set to take place in Milwaukee. Ryan responded “It depends on who the nominee is.”

“I’ll be here if it’s somebody not named Trump,” he continued.

“You won’t show up if it’s Trump?,” Calvi inquired.

Ryan responded, “I’m not interested in participating in that, no.”

“Even in Wisconsin?,” the interviewer continued questioning, which Ryan responded with: “Even Wisconsin.”

Ryan declared that if the GOP re-nominates Trump, “we’re going to lose.”

“It’s just that clear. We lost with him in ’18, ’20 and ’22. We know this. He will cost us another election, so I’m just excited about somebody not named Trump,” he added. “There are great people running. I know them all. They’re all pretty decent friends of mine, and so I think any one of these candidates that are thinking about getting in the race, if they get in the race, would be a great candidate.”

“I think we’re going to beat Joe Biden if we don’t run Donald Trump,” he stressed.

Ryan’s statements are unsurprising given his political profile as a fixture of the conservative establishment. He’s the typical low-tax, mass-migration boosting, and pro-perpetual war Republican who views America as a shopping mall with nukes. In Ryan’s view, Trump’s right-wing populism presents a threat to the “invade the world, invite the world” mindset that’s infected the GOP. 

If the GOP is serious about embracing America First nationalism, people like Ryan must be purged out of the party and rendered to the dustbin of political irrelevance.

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