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Paul Singer has a Long Track Record of Donating to Politically Correct Causes



After Tucker Carlson exposed the financial and political machinations of oligarchical investor Paul Singer, people are now beginning to question the GOP’s traditional donor base.

For many political observers, Singer is an unknow commodity. However, he has a long history of financing establishment candidates like Marco Rubio and backing mainstream causes like open borders.

In fact, several Twitter users recently retweeted a tweet from Donald Trump in 2015, when he called out Singer’s endorsement of Marco Rubio back in November of 2015 during the Republican primaries.

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Trump tweeted, “Further proof that Gang of Eight member Marco Rubio is weak on illegal immigration is Paul Singer’s, Mr. Amnesty, endorsement. Rubs can’t win.”

This wasn’t just any endorsement. It’s one from a donor who has a track record of donating to open borders causes.

For example, Singer is a big donor to the National Immigration Forum, which has championed immigration reform — essentially the codeword for either amnesty or the importation of massive, cheap labor from the Third World. In a piece for The Daily Beast, Ben Jacobs reported that Singer wrote “a six-figure check to the National Immigration Forum.”

Additionally, Singer has been a reliable supporter of leftist issues. In 2012, he pledged “$1 million to build support for same-sex marriage in New York” and he then provided “another $1 million to start a super PAC – called American Unity PAC – with the purpose of encouraging Republican politicians and candidates to support same-sex marriage on a federal level.”

The political correctness we see today that stresses identity politics and destabilizing forces such as mass migration is not exclusive to the Democratic Party.

Supposed “right-wing” figures such as Paul Singer have played a major role in shifting Overton Window towards globalism.

Tucker Carlson’s hard-hitting revelations were very necessary in trying to unmask one of the most subversive figures on the Right.

If America First types want to see their ideas implemented, they will need to do their due diligence and monitor who’s actually bank-rolling their elected officials.

Conservatives should not be surprised when their alleged “champions”, who are bankrolled by establishment figures like Singer, end up selling them out.

Not doing one’s research on candidates and elected officials can prove costly in today’s ever-growing lurch towards globalism.


Texas Political Establishment Attempts to Derail Shelley Luther’s Campaign



The special election for Texas’ Senate District 30 is on pace to be one of the most heated races in the Lone Star State.

At a candidate forum on September 18, 2020, Shelley Luther, the Dallas salon owner who was jailed for opening her business in defiance of Governor Greg Abbott’s shutdown order, confronted outgoing State Senator Pat Fallon.

Fallon vacated his seat and is now backing a successor in State Representative Drew Springer.

“We don’t want somebody who’s going to be at odds with our Republican governor,” Fallon said September 18 at the Grayson County Republican Women’s Club.

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Fallon added:

I didn’t support some of the things that he has done about opening up. … So, he’s made some mistakes. He’s our Republican governor, the 80/20 rule … because you’re not going to get any bills passed unless the governor signs them.

“Let me make something clear. I am accountable to my fellow citizens in Senate District 30. Not our Governor,” Luther responded on September 19 on Facebook:

This is exactly what is wrong with Austin. Our politicians are more loyal to Abbott than us, even when they disagree with him.

I will work with Governor Abbott when he is fighting to protect the liberty of Texans, and I will oppose him when he pushes unilateral dictates that shut down our local businesses.

Fallon and Luther had a tense exchange, which was caught on video.

“You want me to go all in on this race?” Fallon questioned Luther. “I have been 5 percent in on this race. You want me to go all in on it, I’m welcome to.”

“This has become a straight-up fight between Abbott and the ‘Kumbaya’ Professional Political Class vs. the grassroots and people who remember what limited government and principles should look like,” opined conservative activist Mike Openshaw.

“Respectfully, being willing to be jailed for fighting over-reaching government shows principle; that counts for something, Patrick,” Openshaw continued.

Luther has recently received endorsements from conservative Collin County Judge Chris Hill and Young Conservatives of Texas. Springer, on the other hand, received an endorsement from the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, which asserted that Luther was going down a “far right” path.

A Republican is expected to carry the senate district, which may still require a runoff if the leading candidate does not get enough votes during the first round of the special election.

Election Day will be on September 29.

Luther is viewed as the truly conservative option and many believe she could help break the political status quo in Austin that has kept conservative legislation from ever being passed.


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