Payday Loans Huckster Montel Calls Conservative Media ‘Crack Motel’ After Northam KKK Coverage

Montel Williams Conservative Media Crack Motel

Apparently ignoring the racist photo in which Virginia Governor Ralph Northam either dressed in blackface or in Ku Klux Klan robes, noted payday loans huckster and television host Montel Williams called conservative media a “crack motel” in response to the bombshell.

Williams, the daytime TV host and spokesman for payday loans giant MoneyMutual, attacked conservative media giant Newsmax and Big League Politics on Twitter after Newsmax personality John Cardillo tweeted the racist photo of Northam earlier today.

In his tweet, Williams referred to Newsmax as “the crack motel of conservative media” and condemned him for sharing Big League Politics’ bombshell coverage.

Big League Politics was the first to uncover shocking images of Northam’s yearbook, which show him posing in a racist photo featuring two students, one in blackface, and the other in KKK garb. It is still not known which student is Northam.

While Williams continues his attempt to protect the pro-infanticide, photographically racist Democrat governor, his own reputation is less than perfect.

MoneyMutual, who Williams is still a paid spokesman for, was fined $2.1 million by the state of New York after courts found the company used Williams’ trusted reputation to fleece struggling customers, with interest rates sometimes higher than 1,300 per cent.

From NBC:

“Using Mr. Williams’s reputation as a trusted celebrity endorser, MoneyMutual marketed loans to struggling consumers with sky-high interest rates – sometimes in excess of 1,300 percent – that trapped New Yorkers in destructive cycles of debt,” said Benjamin M. Lawsky, Superintendent of Financial Services, in a statement.

Pennsylvania and Illinois also launched similar lawsuits against Williams’ employer, and additionally, the U.S. Consumer Bureau investigated MoneyMutual for possibly deceptive lending practices.

It may be more prudent to call Williams and MoneyMutual the “crack house” of respectable lending institutions.


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