While The West Promotes Gender Identity, Communist Countries Denounce Fem Culture

Apparently Kim Jung-un despises K-pop, because he has announced that anyone caught listening to it will receive 15 years in a hard labor camp.

On top of that, the North Korean leader has called K-pop a “viscous cancer.”

Though this report is not new, the topic is gaining traction online because of the cultural stance Kim Jung-un, similar to other communist leaders like China’s Xi Jinping, is taking to protect the next generation.

According to analysis at the Daily Mail, Kim Jung-un is viscously against K-pop because he is “worried that the popularity of South Korean entertainment among young people in the North could pose a threat to the country’s stability.”

Moreover, Kim Jung-un wants to punish anyone who goes against strictly dictated state media. A stark difference for how culture is perceived in the west.

From the New York Times:

The law calls for five to 15 years in labor camps for people who watch or possess South Korean entertainment, according to lawmakers in Seoul who were briefed by government intelligence officials, and internal North Korean documents smuggled out by Daily NK, a Seoul-based website. 

The previous maximum punishment for such crimes was five years of hard labor.

Those who put material in the hands of North Koreans can face even stiffer punishments, including the death penalty. The new law also calls for up to two years of hard labor for those who “speak, write or sing in South Korean style.”

While the West glamorizes gender identity and transgender surgeries for minors, leaders like China’s Xi Jinping is banning feminine looking men from the entertainment industry.

The reason for this is simple: “National rejuvenation” across China is the state’s attempt to mold the next generation into a more masculine class. 

China also announced that it would be regulating the amount of time children could spend online gaming, capping the total at three hours per day. 

These moves have gone rather unnoticed by Western media, which is interesting because China owned TikTok has been promoting progressive topics such as gender ideology onto American children. All while Chinese kids get shown very different videos that are more educational and pro-China.

Spot the difference here? 

Per Kim Jung-un, “a serious change” is underway in the “ideological and mental state” of young North Koreans.

China is beating the same drum. Why isn’t America paying attention to the next generation? Better yet – while are we pushing for a more feminine culture in all aspects of our society while communists are doing the exact opposite?

Obviously priorities are different. Woke ideologies will be our downfall.

Are you paying attention yet?

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