PC GONE MAD: Baseball’s Cleveland Indians Will Change Their Name

Major League Baseball’s Cleveland Indians have decided to change their franchise name, citing liberal and politically correct objections to their longtime moniker. The New York Times reported that the team resolved to change its name Sunday, citing three sources within the organization.

The franchise is set to announce its decision to change its name this week, and will play under the Indians name in 2021 while preparing for a name change in 2022. It’s unclear what the Indians’ new name will be.

The Indians have gone by the name since the year 1915, and are poised to do away with a name that is almost as old as the American tradition of professional baseball itself. The name change comes less than a year after the former Washington Redskins changed their name to the “Washington Football Team,” replacing a historic franchise name with a neutered and gray replacement.

In spite of liberal hysteria over pro sports teams named after Native Americans and tribal communities, there’s polling that shows a strong majority of Native Americans aren’t particularly bothered by team names such as “Redskins.” As recently as 2016, 90% of Native Americans indicated in a Washington Post poll that the Redskins name didn’t offend them.

The Indians had done away with their longtime mascot, Chief Wahoo, in 2019, citing objections to the character’s appearance.

Major League Baseball has been somewhat immune to displays of progressive morality and ideology compared to other major American pro sports, but that appears to be changing as liberal political content is introduced as a fundamental feature of the sport.

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