Peaceful Protesters in Amsterdam are Mauled by Police Dogs as COVID-19 Vaxx Tyranny Increases

Peaceful protesters were attacked over the weekend by police dogs at a rally that authorities deemed unauthorized in the nation of Amsterdam.

Some of the heinous scenes of violence can be viewed in this clip:

Thousands of Dutch citizens lined up in the streets defiantly even after government officials banned protest, using the never-ending pandemic as an excuse to brutally crackdown on civil liberties.

In addition to police dogs being let loose on protesters, they were also battered with water cannons and batons by law enforcement. The regime is making it clear that free speech is a thing of the past and will no longer be tolerated by the emerging globalist technocracy.

The Netherlands was forced to endure another government shutdown beginning on Dec. 19 after submission to COVID-19 vaccine mandates was not enough to stop the spread of the virus. Restaurants, hair salons, museums, gyms and other public places were crippled by the shutdown, which was initiated even as data shows that Omicron is by far the least dangerous and deadly of the COVID strains going around.

Over the previous seven days, 532 additional new infections have been reported per 100,000 people, with 13,182 additional cases emerging everyday in the Netherlands.

Big League Politics has reported on the phenomenon of mass protests building throughout Europe as free humanity rises up against the Great Reset and the New World Order:

Over the weekend, rallies against COVID-19 mandatory vaccine policies reached a fever pitch throughout Europe.

Austrians held one of the largest protests in their nation’s history in the nation’s capital of Vienna after a new round of lockdowns were announced:

Additionally, tens of thousands of Croatians showed up in the streets to voice their opposition to COVID vaccine passports:

Protests in the Netherlands became violent with police cars being set ablaze as the public grows angry with their enforcement of COVID edicts to restrict their civil liberties:

There were chaotic scenes that developed during protests in the Belgian capital of Brussels as well:

The Danes held a large-scale demonstration with protesters dressed in all black to oppose COVID restrictions:

One scene from Rome, Italy shows hundreds of thousands gathered while holding up lights to make a powerful visual demonstration against technocratic authoritarianism:

Big League Politics has reported on how Eastern European countries have had the fewest COVID-19 rates despite having the lowest rates of vaccination throughout the region.”

The people of Europe need to continue protesting and hope it spreads throughout the rest of the world. If COVID overreach is normalized, it will mean the end of Western Civilization and begin the coronation of a one-world dictatorship.

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