Pedo-Affiliated ‘Lincoln Project’ Has Given $264,000 in Support to Terry McAuliffe’s Governor Campaign and Virginia Democrat Party

The pedophile-affiliated Lincoln Project, a group of “Never Trump” Republicans who were run out of the GOP due to the rise of President Donald Trump, have contributed $264,000 in support to Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe and the state Democrat Party.

Sean Davis of The Federalist reported the news on his social media account:

The Democrats have enlisted this infamous and discredited group out of desperation as Virginia Republican gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin has risen in the polls due to the Democrats’ embrace of extremism.

Big League Politics has reported on Youngkin gaining the polling advantage as McAuliffe declares his support for critical race theory and totalitarian opposition to parental rights:

Republican candidate Glenn Youngkin has staked out a decisive lead over Democrat Terry McAuliffe in Virginia’s gubernatorial election, new polling from Fox News has indicated.

The Thursday Fox poll shows McAuliffe trailing Youngkin by seven percentage points, 45% to 53%. Only two percent of voters are undecided, suggesting Youngkin has a firm grasp on the hotly followed election, scheduled to occur next week.

Fox is generally considered one of the more reliable political pollsters, and an earlier October poll showed McAuliffe leading the election- suggesting that Youngkin has surged in the wake of a series of controversies implicating Democrats in the state, such as the Loudoun County school board’s cover-up of a sexual assault committed by a transgender student in a girl’s bathroom.

Polling conducted by the Washington Examiner also indicates that Youngkin is leading McAuliffe by four percentage points. The Virginia gubernatorial election is scheduled for Tuesday, with McAuliffe increasingly reliant on colorful allegations of “racism” on the part of his Republican opponent.”

If the Democrats are relying on the Lincoln Project to save their gubernatorial chances in Virginia, it is not looking good for them. Republicans need to be on the lookout for any election fraud activities they may try to do during next week’s election.

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