Peer-Reviewed Study: ‘COVID Shot More Likely to Kill Children Than Virus’

On Thursday Robert W. Malone, a scientist well known for inventing mRNA vaccines and RNA as a drug shared a peer-reviewed scientific study that concluded that a COVID-19 inoculation in children is more dangerous for them than the virus itself.

The report begins by discussing various stats in the pandemic, including how many people in the United States reportedly died from the disease, how many have been inoculated, and how many people have been concluded dead by the CDC’s VARES (Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System) following the shot.

It was also pointed out that VARES is very flawed, with many estimates indicating that they only report only 1% of actual vaccine/inoculation deaths.

“In the USA, nearly 600,000 deaths have been officially attributed to COVID-19. Almost 5,000 deaths following inoculation have been reported to VAERS by late May 2021; specifically, “Over 285 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines were administered in the United States from December 14, 2020, through May 24, 2021. During this time, VAERS received 4,863 reports of death (0.0017 %) among people who received a COVID-19 vaccine.” [3] (the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) is a passive surveillance system managed jointly by the CDC and FDA [3]. Historically, VAERS has been shown to report about 1% of actual vaccine/inoculation adverse events [4]. See Appendix 1 for a first-principles confirmation of that result). By mid-June, deaths following COVID-19 inoculations had reached the ̃6000 levels.”

Study: Why are we vaccinating children against COVID-19?

Scientists conducting the study rejected the use of the word ‘vaccine’ when discussing COVID-19 shots, claiming that the substance is not effective enough to meet the criteria. They define a vaccine as “any substance designed to be administered to a human being for the prevention of one or more diseases.”

According to the authors, this is not the case with the COVID-19 inoculation.

“In the remainder of this article, we use the term ‘inoculated’ rather than vaccinated,” the study writes.

“The injected material in the present COVID-19 inoculations prevents neither viral infection nor transmission. Since its main function in practice appears to be symptom suppression, it is operationally a ‘treatment.'”

Results from the peer-reviewed work were stunning, boldly claiming that”the results show conservatively that there are five times the number of deaths truly attributable to each inoculation vs those truly attributable to COVID-19 in the 65+demographic.”

It is then concluded that given the predictions levied for those 65+, the best case scenario on kids receiving the shot appears to be “very poor”, saying that “the chances of death from COVID-19 [for children] are negligible, but the chances of serious damage over their lifetime from the toxic inoculations are not negligible.”

The authors of the study also pointed out that the deaths from the inoculations shown in VAERS are short-term, and that potential intermediate and long-term deaths as a result of the COVID-19 shots have yet to be identified simply because there has not been enough time to observe such complications.

The full study can be found by clicking here.

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