Pelosi Orders Democrats To Pretend They Are ‘Being Serious’ After Impeachment Vote 

Senior CNN Congressional Respondent Manu Raju reported that Pelosi is directing her caucus to show unity during the current impeachment proceedings.

Raju tweeted, “Pelosi and her staff have instructed her caucus to show unity and not to gloat at all during the proceedings, per multiple sources. She wants the public to see Democrats as taking this moment seriously and not be seen as cheering the President’s impeachment, members say.”


The impeachment vote in the House is expected to pass on partisan lines, but will more than likely die  inthe Republican-controlled Senate.

Largely a political ploy that Democrats have devised, the impeachment movement was catalyzed by an alleged deal involving President Donald Trump, who withheld foreign aid from Ukraine until its president Volodymyr Zelensky provided information on 2020 candidate Joe Biden’s business dealings in the country.

This impeachment move is part of Democrat’s plot to subvert the results of the 2016 election, of which they still view as illegitimate because of “alleged” Russia collusion that helped Trump defeat Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

For average Americans, polls show that impeachment is not a popular course of action. According to The Washington Post, 51 percent of registered voters across numerous polls in key states like Arizona, Florida, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina and Wisconsin oppose impeachment.

By casting their ballots in favor of impeachment, Democrats will likely leave themselves susceptible to tough challenges during the 2020 election cycle.

These impeachment proceedings would represent the third time in American history that a President was impeached by the House.

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