Penn State University Professor Sues School Over Vicious, Anti-White Institutional Racism on Campus

A white Penn State University professor is suing the school and several of its employees after being forced to endure “ridicule and humiliation because of the color of his skin.”

Zack De Piero, who taught English at the school’s Abington campus, said he was forced to spread the patently false and absurd notion that “all students see that white supremacy manifests itself in language and in writing pedagogy.”

“When he complained about the continuous stream of racial insult directed at white faculty in the writing department, the director of the Affirmative Action Office told him that ‘There is a problem with the White race,’ that he should attend ‘antiracist’ workshops ‘until you get it,’ and that he might have mental health issues,” the lawsuit filed by the by the Foundation Against Intolerance and Racism states.

De Piero said he was forced out of his position as professor after questioning the CRT religion that is the official dogma of the campus. No diversity of thought is apparently permissible in tolerant, multicultural America.

De Piero said to the Washington Examiner that he was told flatly by school administrators: “You need to move equity forwards in your classroom, or else you’re perpetuating racist teaching practices.”

So-called learning materials such as White Rage, “White people, enough: A look at power and control,” and Me and White Supremacy “further disseminated racist tirades against white faculty and students on the basis of their race” in the name of diversity, equity and inclusion, the lawsuit argues.

“This is wrong. This is discrimination,” De Piero said. “It’s humiliating to me. It’s likely humiliating to others. They’re just too afraid to tell you.”

“They wanted you to acknowledge your white privilege, to embrace white guilt, to spread the gospel of [low IQ race-hustling demagogues] Ibram X. Kendi and Robin DiAngelo,” De Piero continued.

“There were sort of high priests of anti-racism across academia,” he added. “This wasn’t some interesting idea up for debate; this was the deal. This was the road.”

The lawsuit also states that different standards are set for minority students than white students, as minorities are ushered through with their degrees despite being grossly unqualified in many circumstances.

“They do not expect black or Hispanic students to achieve the same mastery of academic subject matters as other students and therefore insist that deficient performance must be excused,” the lawsuit contends. “Accurate assessment of abilities, if it happens to show disparate performance among different racial groups, is therefore condemned as ‘racist.'”

“[De Piero] is doing something extremely brave in standing up against the deleterious ideologies that have invaded academic spaces,” said Leigh Ann O’Neill, who works as managing director of legal advocacy for FAIR, to the Washington Examiner. “The unlawful discrimination he faced is a symptom of those ideologies, and they are eating away at the foundational principles of equality and open inquiry.”

A video interview with De Piero can be seen here:

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