Pennsylvania America First Activist Exposes Corrupt Republican State Republican Tom Mehaffie

America First activist Bobby Jeffries recently published a Substack post calling out Republican State Representative Tom Mehaffie, who represents the Pennsylvania State House’s 106th district. Jeffries, who lives in the 106th district, believes that Mehaffie’s voting record and funding base should be cause for concern for any serious Republican voter in the district.  

With all of that in mind, Jeffries wants voters to relieve Mehaffie of the burden of holding higher office in the 2024 Republican primaries. 

He noted that Mehaffie voted for Democratic State Representative Mark Rozzi for House Speaker in addition to rewarding Democrats with the house majority and capsizing voter ID legislation. Voters were naturally incensed by Mehaffie’s behavior in the Pennsylvania General Assembly and they began to protest outside Mehaffie’s office in Hershey, Pennsylvania.  However,  the protesters were met by Teamsters Union members who intimidated the protesters and prevented them from asking the state representative tough questions about his political behavior. 

The Teamsters are one of the largest and most influential labor unions in the US who are notorious for being shock troops for the Democratic Party. The Teamsters have backed the presidential candidacies of the last three Democratic nominees such as Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Joe Biden.

Republicans eventually retaliated by booting Mehaffie out of his office in Harrisburg. Thanks to Mehaffie’s antics, Democrats played the waiting game and won each of their special elections to grab a 102-101 house majority

Jermey Baker, thePolitical Director of Commonwealth Partners Chamber of Entrepreneurs, listed off several instances where Mehaffie engaged in political malfeasances:  

In 2017, Mehaffie sided with Democrats in opposing legislation that would have prevented taxpayer resources from being used to collect government unions’ political campaign contributions. These unions give heavily to Democrats and, not coincidentally, to Mehaffie.

“In 2018, Mehaffie sponsored legislation that would have stripped workers of the right to a secret ballot in union organizing elections. In essence, this bill would have empowered unions to intimidate workers into voting to unionize.”

“And in 2022, Mehaffie sided with Democrats in voting against Lifeline Scholarships, which would help children escape failing and even violent schools to access a quality (and safe) education.

Mehaffie’s biggest donors say a lot about his legislative behavior. 

The Pennsylvania State Representative counts on the support of the SEIU (the Service Employees International Union). The SEIU is the second largest labor union in the US. It’s also the largest union for healthcare workers and has an established track record of endorsing radical Democrat candidates running for office at levels of government.

Jeffries noted that in the context of Pennsylvania politics, the SEIU endorsed Tom Wolf for Governor of Pennsylvania in 2014, and the state’s newly elected Governor Josh Shapiro in 2022.

As far as presidential candidates are concerned, the SEIU supported Barack Obama’s 08 and 2012 campaign runs, Hillary Clinton’s failed 2016 presidential bid, and Joe Biden’s 2020 presidential run. In the case of the latter, the SEIU announced back in April its decision to support the Biden regime’s election bid in the 2024 presidential election. 

For his part, Mehaffie took campaign funds from the SEIU.

Mehaffie also received campaign funds from the Pennsylvania State Education Association (PSEA), a leftist teacher union that is notorious for its leftist leanings. Despite ostensibly marking itself as non-partisan, the PSEA operates its own political action committee, PSEA-PACE,  that has donated $14 million to Democrat candidates and only $3 million to Republicans in Pennsylvania in the last 25 years. 

The PSEA is also notorious for its staunch opposition to education reform policies such as school choice, voucher programs and charter schools.

Jeffries listed off some of the PSEA’s culturally leftist inclinations: 

In 2021, the PSEA supported protestors after Central York High School barred educators from teaching left-wing theories on race by banning a list of books and articles promoting CRT, race-based reparations and a curriculum promoted by Black Lives Matter at school. While their parent organization the NEA (National Education Association) has formally endorsed CRT and the position that is should be taught in K-12 schools.

The PSEA also supports Gender Theory and books containing pornography such as “Gender Queer” which has been included in their reading lists.

The American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees  (AFSCME) has also sent money to Mehaffie’s most recent campaign. AFSCME is the largest union of government employees in the US who aren’t teachers. On top of that, AFSCME is the largest member union of the American Federation of Labor-Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO) labor federation. Jeffries outlined AFSCME’s political views in addition to its support for the Biden regime: 

The agenda of AFSCME includes very strong support for a big government controlled single-payer healthcare system in the US, higher taxes and an expanded welfare state, opposition to entitlement and pension reforms as well as open borders and granting status to illegal immigrants.

In 2020, AFSCME campaigned and fundraised very hard for Joe Biden in his 2020 run for the White House and fully endorsed his radical and very expensive Build Back Better Agenda. 

Overall, Mehaffie is a creature of the Pennsylvania political establishment. His Republican affiliation should not fool people. The guy is a swamp creature that ultimately has to be relieved of the burden of holding higher office. The letter by a politician’s name is irrelevant. It’s their voting records and broader political actions that matter most. When elected officials behave in a terrible political manner, they must be severely punished at the polls. No questions asked.  


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